Tarot & Numerology

Ever wonder about the order of the Tarot cards? Or why scholars will argue until they are blue in the face about which card should occupy which number? Well, aside from a scorching lack of anything better to do, most occultists will get rather persnickety about the order of things because when you study numerology and Tarot side by side, particularly if you use the Chaldean system, you will notice a lot of similarities.

In fact, it was in my study of numbers that the Tarot was suddenly wide open to me. Yes, the pictures helped, but (and maybe this is just a pleasant side effect of being a synaesthete) when I started looking at the numbers involved, and stopped trying to memorize meanings from a book, the cards became alive. It worked so well for me that fifteen years ago I used a couple of open source fractal programs to create my own deck. It was a 78 card digital deck that was later picked up by Orphalese software for inclusion in their Tarot program (I have no idea if they even exist anymore) but I have since whittled it down to the twenty-two Major Arcana.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, I include it here. Think about the meaning of the numbers. Can you see what I saw when I made these images? It’s ok if you don’t, the Tarot is very subjective.