Sample Charts

The following charts are “mini core readings”. These small charts are derived mostly from the name on their birth certificate. It’s a quick way to look at someone’s personality. To do this, you need the name as it appears on their birth certificate and their date of birth. The four numbers I am looking at are the Life Path, Expression, Heart, and Destiny.

Life Path – similar to the astrological sun sign. This is the road that we choose to travel in this lifetime.

Expression – similar to the astrological rising sign. This is the personality that we express to others. In this life, our expression is the vehicle that we use to navigate.

Heart/Soul – similar to the astrological moon sign. This is our fuel for the journey. Often this is where we hide our pain, to keep it safe from others, however, pain is fuel.

Destiny – similar to the astrological meaning of Jupiter. This position shows where you are headed and gives insight as to how to create abundance and all things sparkly in your life.

This is the base energy that we work with in our lives. It does not matter what other names we take, this is the energy that we initially chose to work with in this incarnation, so all the other energy patterns that we create for ourselves via nicknames, religious names, changing names upon immigrating, user names – any other name or change of name – these are all looked at in relation to the original vibration that we brought with us.

You can argue that a birth certificate is just a piece of paper that doesn’t count, but if you chose to reincarnate into THIS society, then you also chose to work within its frameworks, which includes the administrative bureaucracy that has plagued Western civilization since the ancient Greeks and Romans. Next time, reincarnate as a member of the Yanomano people, if you don’t like paperwork.

Situations that confuse people:

(Even though they shouldn’t be confused. Your birth certificate rules!!)

Adoption – always the name on your birth certificate. If your name is listed as “Baby Boy 123” or “Baby Girl Doe” then that is the base energy you chose to work with. When your birth certificate changes, then the information changes.

Crazy weird names – I know someone whose father was stoned when she was born and he wrote “Jack O Lantern” as her middle name. It’s on the birth certificate. She hates it, but until she changes it, it’s what I would use. I didn’t say you would like your base energy, just that you chose it.

Gender changes – Despite their “sudden” appearance in the media over the last couple of decades, transgendered people are not new. They have been with us for as long as we’ve been on this earth. I’ve seen 200 year old occult books that had numerological protocols for new information due to a new gender identity. In the case of a transperson, I still work with the energy that is on the birth certificate until it is changed and then, of course, I work with the new energy. Once that birth certificate is changed, they are officially done with that old energy, having wrapped up all sorts of things in this life.

Immigration changes – A lot of people come to North America and change their names to fit in better. This is not so much the case any more, but it used to be when I was much younger. It was common practice to Anglicize your name if you came from a country that was not Central or Western European in origin. If your birth certificate still contains your old family name Vyacheslav but you go by Slava – even if that is what is on your driver’s license – you still go with your birth certificate.

What do you do with your old birth certificate once the information has been changed? Do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter, it’s incorrect information now. Whatever that energy pattern is, you’ve dealt with it. It is believed by some occult scholars that those of you who choose to incarnate into lifetimes that will contain complete overhauls of your base energy patterns are completing soul agreements with others that will not be repeated again. This means that you won’t be popping up in each others’ lives anymore – your work with each other is done. This doesn’t mean that all of your work is done, no no – no Askashic vacation for you. Now you get to break in new soul mates and make new agreements!!

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