Fellow Union Member

This chart is from a former coworker. I call her a “Union Member” because there were three of us at one salon, all with the same name, each doing a different job. We referred to ourselves as “The Union”. It made for a fun day with clients and we could have those “Who’s on first?” conversations that messed with everyone. We enjoyed it!!


Life Path = 35/8

Expression = 7

Heart = 15/6

Destiny = 13/4

You came back this time around to learn about money, power, and success. In this life time, you are going to put yourself in situations that require you to stand up to others and live fearlessly. You’ll be happiest in this life if you’re calling the shots professionally, and working for yourself. Hairstyling gives you just the right amount of independence, flexibility, freedom, and attention. I’ll be honest, most 8 life paths that I’ve met aren’t as nice as you are – I was surprised when I added up your numbers and got this number. In fact, a lot of the 8s that I’ve profiled over the years are extremely competitive and would throw their grandmothers under the bus if it meant getting ahead.

Another facet of the 8 energy is that its fearlessness makes people edgy and they can veer onto a dark path full of excess quickly. You’ve managed to strike a balance with this. If Jim Morrison wore a cute little sweater and baked magical cookies, he might be a lot like you. Just remember to put your pants on before you leave the house.

The energy in your name is really what tempers your life path and makes you such a sweet bitch!! Your 7 Expression is how the world sees you, similar to the rising sign in astrology. You present a well-groomed appearance that is “you” without being fussy or loud. I always thought you stood out nicely at work because you have a “look” but you don’t look like a stylist – meaning that you don’t look like a slutty drug addict – hahaha. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. We all know what we look like in this industry.

You’re a private person out in public – you don’t turn conversations in therapy sessions but you listen well to other people and get to know them. Your life path emphasizes this and makes you very good at reading people, especially clients – and you can turn this into a client base that makes you money. You’re not gossipy and have the confidence of your clients and friends. Your 6 Soul is how you are inside. This is similar to the moon sign in astrology. You’re a secret romantic and you love tradition. I’ll remember that next Christmas and make sure to get you a cardigan covered in squirrels wearing Santa hats. LOL…but seriously, you are all about the trays of cookies and the cocoa and the fireplace and all that homey stuff.

Your home is important to you and even if it looks like a bomb went off in it right this minute, underneath the debris is a nicely put together environment that can be put on display when company comes. When it comes to spending money you will save up for one really nice [insert shiny thing here] instead of several crappy ones that will fall apart. Security and financial stability are important to you. This is emphasized by your life path. You will stress about money and bills, even when those close to you think it’s no big deal. You’re also big on commitments and play for keeps – no fooling around for you.

Your 13/4 Destiny is how you make your way in the world. You’ve chosen to follow a more conventional path this time around. The 13 is karmic and tells me that in this lifetime you are very into not being late, not putting things off – you are really goal oriented this time around (translation: in your last life you were probably a lazy slug who let everything pass them by, hee hee). You don’t want to miss out on anything and you will work your little ass off to accomplish all the things that you feel you didn’t do before. This means showing up early, staying late, smiling and shaking hands when you feel like tearing someone a new asshole instead – you’re kicking ass and taking names the old fashioned way. Despite how structured and reliable you might be in this lifetime, it’s ok to let your hair down and flake out now and then. With a 13/4 Destiny and a 6 Soul you also need to learn to say NO. You don’t have to go to every Christmas concert or buy every bucket of cookie dough to support every soccer team – it’s ok to just stay at home and be “too busy, sorry” because really, you are in your jammies, rolling a fatty.

A Magical Goddess

I met this woman on Facebook, and then in person when I went to Texas for the first time. She carries wild, strong energy held in an Amazon of a container. I would LOVE to do magic with this woman some day.

Life Path = 36/9

Expression = 17/8

Heart = 10/1

Destiny = 27/9

You have chosen a misunderstood life path this time around. Not misunderstood by you, but by others. Your numbers are ones that I associate with priests, teachers, and hermits. You’re after greater remembering than the mundane world can provide. Your energy is friendly but distant – you’re among the people but you’re not of them. Abundance comes to you but in different ways than it will to others. You’ve learned that thoughts are things and as a result you have a different view of wealth and things may appear to those outside to come very easily to you.

You’re a very intense person and many see you as a wild woman. Many of your lessons are learned through the flesh – naughty girl. Keep safety scissors with the duct tape. Your intimate relationships and arrangements won’t be understood by everyone, but whatever – you’re not here to care what others think. You had that life already and learned from it.

Even when you’re wearing your sloppiest jeans, you project CEO energy and people see you as a powerful influencer. You are always aware of the image you project and are in complete control of it.

You have an independent magician’s soul and a different moral compass than a lot of other people. You want what you want when you want it and you don’t have a lot of patience for things that seem petty or mundane. You will need to cultivate patience with the muggles – not everyone will get these things and not everyone is here to get it – someone has to dig the ditches so that someone else can make the magic. Be nice when you’re handing out shovels.

You are not the support person in this life. Find those people who will support you in ways that allow you to continue the spiritual work that you need to wrap up in this lifetime, and lavish your love on them. This doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t help people – au contraire – people with 9s in their charts really, really want to help but they want to do it on a big scale. Why make someone tea if you can teach the whole neighborhood to grow their own plants and make it themselves?

An Enlightened Soul

This particular invidivual has some powerful numbers in their chart and I am not surprised to learn that they with to live in a Buddist temple and devote their life to less worldly concerns.

Life Path = 29/11

Expression = 14/5

Heart= 22/4

Destiny = 18/9

You have two Master Numbers in your small chart, 11 and 22, and a special combination of Destiny number. You are not here to live a mundane life. You have numbers that I associate with someone who has a foot in different worlds at once. You have a highly developed intuition and extreme sensitivity to the world around you. If you do not do it already, I suggest to begin gardening because you would benefit from a regular connection to nature.

There is a driving need for you to produce things, so activities such as weaving, knitting, pottery and so on would be meditative and practical. You project an image to people of someone who is full of life and easygoing but inside you really prefer order and stability. You think everything through and plan your life carefully. You’re a fan of “planned spontaneity”

You are a generous person but calculated – you do not like waste and you shun the frivolous. You feel very deeply but have difficulty expressing this to loved ones – it can take a while for you to emerge from your shell. Your 22/4 Soul is the sign of the carpenter/builder that thrives on hard work which benefits mankind, not just himself. You are not a religious person, but the order, organization, hard work, and desire to produce something meaningful in this lifetime propels you to seek the spirit in these things. Combined with your 18/9 Destiny, your successes in life lie outside the realm of business and materialism. There is a tremendous intellectual vibration here pushing you to investigate living in service to humanity. Many 11 Life Paths do not come into their own until the second half of life. It does not surprise me that you have thought about living in a Buddist temple – you brought some highly charged spiritual energy with you into this lifetime and would make a great teacher.

The Coolest Couple

These two folks are going to be written up together because they are so much like peanut butter and jelly that is difficult to think of them as separate entities. They are truly soul mates in every sense of the word.

The Wubby:

Life Path = 40/4

Expression = 14/5

Heart = 17/8

Destiny = 31/4

You came back because you saw how disorganized and unfocused we were without you. You’re outspoken and can hold some pretty fixed ideas. You’re very cerebral and can hold a conversation on just about anything, with just about anyone. You’re also very secure in your beliefs but at the same time open to discussion. This might lead some people to walk away from a conversation thinking that they’ve changed your mind – but they haven’t – you can understand a lot of different views without judgement.

Yours are the ideas that get new things started. If you’re toying with the idea of a new career, think about getting into sustainable development, alternative housing initiatives, journalism, or lobbying. There are just enough 5s in your name, that combined with your 5 Expression, keep you from being all Staples and Home Depot. You value freedom and flexibility although you may be more amenable to a little “planned spontaneity”. You can turn chaos into order and others may be surprised to learn how in control you really are, underneath your easygoing, chatty exterior.

Your 31/4 Destiny gives you a different view of things. You are able to see the order and connection in what other people believe to be random and disconnected events. Some of your observations require a complete departure from conventional thinking and are not easily understood by everyone – when you’re rich and famous they’ll call you “eccentric”. These views may cause you to look over your glasses at much of the world. While you may want to pack a bag and live on a mountain top in Nepal, your 4 life path is to be involved and of service to others, not to withdraw away from everything. Your 8 Soul drives you to take charge of things and can propel you into new and edgy places behind closed doors. Remember, always keep safety scissors on the nightstand and use a safe word.

The Wifey

Life Path = 10/1

Expression = 9

Heart = 3

Destiny = 30/3
Boy howdy you are not here to fit in or be invisible! Not only do you have a 1 Life Path, you have the most 5s in your name of anyone whose chart I’ve ever done. Don’t let your sensitivity hold you back, you operate the best in life when you have your heart wide open. You can’t hide behind others, you aren’t meant to be the support person in this life. You came back to show people how to live, love, and thrive in unconventional ways – hiding behind someone else or trying to be “normal” will only make you miserable and you’ll attract toxic people who will try to stilt your energy because well….your unicorn greatness is pretty hot and people might want to bottle it up for themselves.
You have a Big Sister personality and you want to make the world a plate of cookies and give out the big global pep talk. You’re a master networker and never at a loss for words. Your charisma and imagination allow you to market any message or cause you believe in. If you speak it, they will come. You’ll have a lot of jobs and probably switch careers a few times. Ignore the raised eyebrows – you’re fine. You’re not meant to do it like everyone else. As long as you have your stabilizing influence (The Wubby) it’s all good.
You flirty princess, you. You love appreciation, attention, sparkle, and just the right amount of being taken care of- but not too much. No one has to know that you just don’t roll out of bed all put together. It’s a tough job being cute, but you’re happy to take it on.
In case you haven’t figured it out yet, 9-5/M-F is not your thing. The huge amount of 5s in your name shows a need for freedom and movement – these will be themes in your life. Resist the urge to indulge in 5’s darker side – emotional eating, and other excesses, but do enjoy the fact that people with a lot of 5 energy are liberal and open-minded. Naughty girl!!

Spit that apple out

Many people seek out oracles because they want answers to questions like “What is my purpose in life?” or “What should I do about this or that?” or “How do I get (insert prize here)?”

What you want can very quickly morph into this monster full of anxiety about the world. What you want can paralyze you and see you standing on the sidelines waiting for a written invitation to come join the world in progress.

“What do you/I want?” can spin out of control quickly. It allows for musterbating and suddenly what you want becomes bogged down with all these damned attachments, like how what you want should happen or when or through whom. Suddenly you catch yourself thinking, “That’s not a good goal”, “That’s a stupid job”, or “It’ll never pay the bills”…..and on and on, and you stay right where you are.

You aren’t here specifically to be a superhero or a ditchdigger. You’re not here to fulfill anyone else’s ideas about how your life must be or what you should be doing with it. You’re not here to commit to one path in life where A + B always equals C. You’re here because you felt like coming back and that’s great – welcome back!! Come back again and again and again – or not. Have it your way – you’ve always been having it your way, actually.

You’re here to create another universe within the multiverse. No one will ever experience anything the way that you do. Your experiences have not been experienced by anyone else. Even if their life follows a similar path, it will never be exactly like yours. Our experiences are all unique. Your universe becomes part of that vast multiverse from which we all draw because all of our universes are constantly overlapping and interacting. What life are you contributing to the well? The one where you did what everyone else wanted? The one where you followed your heart?

Put the apple down. You know what I’m talking about. THAT apple. Put it down.

The apple isn’t real. That’s the temptation. When you bite the apple you accept its reality and the physical senses and all the limitations of the physical world. When you chomp on that apple you begin the process of believing yourself to be separated from the spiritual, allowing the illusions of a physical, linear existence to be your parameters. You believe yourself to be powerless, and in need of saving.

The physical world is not an entirely awful place. We do live here and we do have some dandy fine experiences here, in addition to some boring ones and some crappy ones. The problem is that when we live like this is the only world that is real – remember, thoughts become things – and when we believe that these things are more real than the Spirit/thoughts that gave these things existence, we become stuck in the mud, spinning our wheels.

We forget that we created this shit/fabulosity/extreme boringness. What happens next is that we just keep reacting to things, as though we are somehow powerless to effect any change, and we just keep making more of the same, and we keep reacting – like we somehow didn’t make this crapulence for ourselves. Like as if some unseen detached force either blessed us or cursed us when our heads were turned. So we turn to oracles to fix things for us, except that most of us won’t accept that our connection to spirit is still real and strong, so we don’t take our own advice – you’re the one choosing the lots/cards/runes/tossing the coins – you’re the one that really does know what’s going on. That oracle is a thing, a tool; it exists because someone at some point in time thought of it. There is nothing wrong with using an oracle, just remember that it can only tell you what you already know in your very cells because you are always connected to the multiverse.

This is the sin we are supposed to be tainted with. There really is no such thing as sin, though, because sin is a separation from spirit and the separation that we believe we suffer from is an illusion. We are always connected to every one and every thing, all the time. That connection is never gone. Sin can never be washed away because it was never there in the first place – you bought into it when you ate that apple. However, the consequences of your actions and the effects they have in your universe and those of others, those consequences are very real.

Spit that apple out!!


Three Ladies’ Charm Formula

There are many charms that have survived the Christianization of Europe and remain today, showing themselves in many modern spell books. Some of the most common ones are the “Three Ladies” charms; spoken charms to cover the most popular areas of spell casting: money, sex, and health. While there was certainly a well-documented occult community throughout the eons concerning itself with higher thinking and attainment, the average Joe did not have the luxury of pondering one’s guardian angel or indulging in long, drawn-out rituals designed to bring about higher states of being. S/he had immediate needs that required fulfilling, and this is where folk magic comes into play.

Many of us in the neopagan community have uttered Three Ladies’ Charms without really knowing where they come from or how they work – they don’t always make sense.  They don’t have to make literal sense, but they should create a picture in your mind. Generally, if you don’t understand what you are saying, you won’t get very far. In order for a spell to be successful, you need to have at least some basis of understanding the charm that you use. These charms come from various places: Germany, Sweden, England, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Wales. Depending on the age of the writing, the three ladies may be virgins, avatars of Mary, avatars of Freya, Frigga, or Brighid, noble ladies, witches, or girls. Although many of these charms are overtly Catholic, in most cases they predate organized Christianity, and were simply reworded to fit in with the new religion. Considering the official church stand on such things, it is safe to say that the origin of such charms rests entirely in our very pagan pre-Christian history.

What makes these charms work, no matter how nonsensical they sound, is the understanding of what these ladies represented to the pagan mind. They are the Norns, the Wyrd Sisters of fate. No matter how they are dressed up or called, these ladies are the Past, the Present, and the Future. By reciting these charms, you are calling out to set in motion change according to fate.

The following charms deal with burns:

Three ladies, over the fields they crossed,

One brought fire, two brought frost.

Out with the fire, in with the frost

Out fire! In frost!


Three ladies came from the east.

One with fire, two with frost.

Get out with you fire!

Come in with you frost!


You look east

You look west

You look south

You look north

Three angels appear

One brings fire, two  bring frost

Blow out fire!

Blow in frost!

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


The first two charms are English in origin and the third is a German-American Pow-Wow charm. In the first two charms, the three ladies came. In the first charm they simply cross a field, we will assume toward the one afflicted with a burn and in the second charm they come from the east, indicating that they are traveling west, which hints at completing a cycle. The first lady brings fire – meaning in the past, the victim was burned. The second and third ladies bring frost – that which cools and heals the burn in the present and continuing in the future.

The third charm is a little more complex, but Pow-Wow involves some aspects of Ceremonial Magic from Christianity and Judaism. In this charm the speaker is actually casting a circle by chanting in the four directions before doing anything else. After the circle is called, then the sisters of fate are invoked, having been rewritten as three angels; one bringing fire and the other two bringing frost. So again, the representative of the past brings the injury and the angels of the present and future bring the treatment. The charm then speaks of blowing out fire and blowing in frost. In Pow-Wow there is a belief in “sacred breath” that was kept in the pagan healing tradition as it was overlaid with Christianity. Like other energy workers of the past and present, Pow-Wows breathe energy in and out, or to and from a person or situation. When you start deconstructing these charms and thinking about them, you soon realize that these can be powerful magic in the right hands.

Here is another Three Ladies charm that is more generic and simply for “illness”:

Three ladies came from the East.

Over the hills, as they pleased:

The first lady said, “He has illness.”

The second lady said, “I think not….”

The third lady said, “He is not ill.”

In these charms, the person is sick (we can’t get away from the reality of our situation) as evidenced by the statement made by the first lady (Urd – that which has been). By the second statement (from Verdandi – that which is becoming) we see that this may not be so; the patient is pronounced well – his state is changing. When the third lady speaks (Skuld – that which shall be), the patient is well – a defined future outcome is specified. These charms are generally chanted in threes or nines. Both are important numbers. Three is a number of manifestation and nine – a number of completion – is three perfected by itself. In some traditions, the charms should not be spoken aloud. They should be “breathed”, ie: whispered on long drawn breaths so that the recipient doesn’t quite hear what is being said. This serves two purposes: first, it kept the magic out of the wrong hands. If the patient only hears breathy, whispery gibberish, he is unlikely to do any harm to himself or anyone else by repeating magic words. Our ancestors placed a much higher value on the power of words than we do now. Second, it removes the ability of the patient’s intellectual mind to interfere with the energetic/magical process involved in invoking the Wyrd Sisters for whatever work needs to be done. This way he can’t shoot himself in the foot by over thinking what he’s just heard and deciding that it won’t work.

The Three Ladies’ charms don’t refer just to illness. In fact, there are charms that refer to prosperity, luck, love, sex, revenge – just about anything can be worked into a Three Ladies poem and used as a spoken charm in magic. The most common ones, though, do refer to the things that concerned the ancestors the most, and you will find overcoming illness to be over-represented, as conditions were much harsher back in the day. There is a reason that we saw 40 as being over the hill for such a long time; only in the last 50 years have we advanced to the point that many of us will enjoy old age. An excellent sourcebook for folk magic charms is the Carmina Gadelica. If you’ve never used a Three Ladies’ charm formula in your magical work, you should try!!!

When it seems like The Universe isn’t listening

This is a tough time of year. It’s winter and if you live in the Northern hemisphere this means that you may leave for work in the dark, come home in the dark, and spend your day inside under the glare of fluorescent lighting. You’re tired and because you’re tired, you aren’t exercising. You aren’t eating properly. Your sleep is suffering. You don’t care because it’s that time of the year when everything seems bleak and cold, and things are out of your control.

Add to that a constant barrage of ads telling us to Spend! Money! Now! because it’s also Christmas time – time to go broke for one day out of the year. This isn’t the message of Christmas, of course, or of any Winter Solstice celebration from any belief system, but it’s the one that we’ve internalized over the last couple of centuries.

This is the time of year when you are most likely to focus on what you don’t have or what you feel you must have in order to be happy. It is so easy to get mired down a negative thought process, but here are three simple ideas to toss around, that don’t cost anything, to incorporate into your life RIGHT NOW, to send a message to The Universe:

  1. Grow where you are planted. If ever there was a time of year that a person finds themselves unhappy with their work, relationships, residence – unhappy with anything – this is that time of year. As cliched as it sounds, grow where you are planted. What this means is that even though you may not want to be a file clerk, be the best damned file clerk that you can be – show up early, stay late, reorganize things, tidy up those dusty corners in file storage. If you hate your home, then you should absolutely be putting out flower boxes, or sweeping the front steps, or painting the door red. If you hate the town you live in, now is the best time ever to join a community group. The common response to negative things is to pull back from them and go find something else. The problem with this is that you get stuck in a cycle of repetition because you don’t master what is in front of you. This is what it means to grow where you are planted. People often believe that if they do this, they will stay stuck in that awful job/home/town forever. Not so. When you make the best of a bad situation and turn it into a good situation, you generally don’t stay in a holding pattern.
  2. Be open to abundance. That is a really popular buzzword right now, isn’t it? Abundance. It means different things to different people but for most of us, it means either money or the ability to generate money. The simplest way to be open to abundance doesn’t require meditation, crystals, or any strange foofoo. The simplest way to allow abundance into your life is to be gracious in receiving things. Whether this is picking up a quarter off the street or cheerfully accepting a coffee from a coworker who was thoughtful enough to get one for you while they were on break – opportunities to be receptive come in many small ways that we often overlook because we’re waiting for the BIG BANG. So the next time someone compliments you on your hair/nails/weight loss/insert thing here, smile your biggest beaming smile and say “Thank you” and STOP RIGHT THERE. Enjoy the nice thing that just happened and don’t stomp all over it. Then, pass it on to someone else.
  3. Network. I get it, you’re already stretched in December and going outside sucks when it’s cold and snowy. I’m telling you, though, when you feel like you’ve been triple dipped in poo – that is the time to get out and start smiling and shaking hands. Go to those “holiday parties”, take a Sunday afternoon workshop at Michael’s and learn to make a Victorian wreath, take your dog to the pet park and bring enough dog cookies to share. The more social you are, the more you shift your energy. We aren’t meant to be hermits all of the time.


But it wasn’t supposed to happen this way!!!

When a reader or reading steers you completely wrong.

I see this most often in romance readings. We want very badly to believe that things will work out the way that we want them to and the those involved will live up to our expectations and/or fantasies. This is especially true when we operate from a place of fear, anxiety, or doubt. Of course, we rarely want answers when we’re feeling fine about something. We only want answers when things aren’t so shit hot.

Mental note to me, you, and the rest of the universe: ask questions when things are good. You’ll get an answer that you can deal with because YOU are in a better place at the time that you are seeking.

This situation was put to me recently by someone who was having a hard time dealing with the fact that a romantic relationship was not going the way that they wanted it to go. Being a member of the pagan community and a magical person, this individual sought the advice of friends that read various oracles. They cut the cards, threw the bones, and did whatever they did and every last one of them, bless their sweet blue hearts, blew enormous amounts of sunshine up this person’s arse.

Then it didn’t happen. Not only did it not happen, but the door to it ever happening slammed shut and was triple locked.


Naturally this person wanted to know why, when all the signs were go. Why did all these talented readers say the same things and it didn’t happen? Here a few thoughts on this:

  1. Don’t do multiple readings on one subject. Do ONE reading. IF something changes, or you are suddenly feeling differently THEN do another one.
  2. Don’t troll the readers. Find one person with whom you have a good rapport and stick with them. You’ll only confuse yourself by asking every card cutter in town.
  3. Understand that just because someone has been using an oracle for a long time, does not make them an expert. It just means that they’ve been at it for a while but it doesn’t mean that they are any good.
  4. Sometimes, especially when it comes to oracles like Tarot, cards, or runes, the lots that you draw can show you what you want to see and not what you need to see. This is especially true when you keep asking the same question all the time.
  5. Oracles can only show a snapshot of one moment in time – the time when you ask your question. At that moment in time, you have your answer and potential outcome so long as everyone involved stays on the same page. Things can change a week later, a month later, a year later – hell, things can change ten minutes after you ask your question. I know this very thought makes some people think that they need to ask constantly to stay on top of things, but that is counterproductive. Why? Refer back to points #1 and #4.
  6. If you are asking about other people and you don’t have their permission, then expect a certain amount of wonkiness. We all have psychic shields that protect us from many unseen intrusions, including well-meaning folk who are being nosy or helpfully trying to influence us.

My friend was especially perplexed when someone said, “Hey, I can see you guys getting married.” That is the problem with not knowing your oracle – what this other person saw in the runes could also have been termed a successful business partnership or longterm friendship – not necessarily marriage. My friend hung on to this reading and became attached to the outcome, which of course didn’t turn out.

If this is also you, take a deep breath. Relax. Whatever you do, don’t expect the other person, promotion, vacation, situation, etc. to conform to your wants/desires just because it was “fortold”. Please don’t do this. All things happen for a reason and sometimes that reason is to teach you a lesson that sucks. Sometimes the outcome is in your favour. We live in a holographic multiverse that is constantly evolving so it is high nigh impossible to accurately predict how something will play out because there is just so damned much free will involved.

Reading for yourself

….and why it’s not always a good idea!!

When you’re a Numerologist, Astrologer, Tarot reader or any sort of oracle user, like everyone else you will invariably have questions that beg to be answered. And why shouldn’t you? After all, you know how to do this and you may well be doing it for other people already.

The problem is remaining objective. It can be terribly confusing to do a reading for yourself and often inaccurate. Here are some of the pitfalls to know in advance, before you find yourself cross-eyed, staring at a bunch of numbers or planets that just don’t. make. sense.

  • Multiple readings on the same question or situation. Yes, you want your boyfriend back. No, you shouldn’t create a dozen charts that look at every angle of your breakup. You will only confuse yourself. If you want to examine the relationship, make one chart, do one card spread, throw the runes once – then wait four to six weeks and come back to your question. If you do multiple readings then they will very quickly stop making sense. Time also creates perspective. As your life moves on, you may find that the thing you needed to know so much about is not such a big deal anymore.
  • Do not read when you are all worked up. Being in a highly emotional state of mind is not conducive to anything productive. Not only are you scattered and not great at keeping your shit together, but you are extremely open to suggestion and liable to plant ideas in your head that will make you cringe later when the dust settles and you have your marbles back in their bag. You wouldn’t read for a client when they’re like this, so take your own advice and go have a bubble bath and calm down. One of my personal rules for reading for myself is that I won’t do a reading right away. I wait a full 24-48 hours after the shit has hit the fan before I look into anything.
  • You interpret your chart the way you want to see it, not the way it is. Whenever I want to do a reading for myself, I do it out loud, as if I was reading for a client. I imagine that the person wanting to know is sitting right across from me. It feels silly at first, but it’s the best way to give yourself an objective reading. You have no emotional attachments to the outcome of someone else’s question so you’re more likely to give a more objective reading to your “pretend client” than you are to yourself.

You know, sometimes it’s a good idea to be a client now and then and visit a professional peer for a reading. It doesn’t hurt to have the viewpoint of an objective third party – mystical or otherwise – during trying periods in our lives.



Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

One of Hollywood’s favourite couples is getting a divorce. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been married for ten years and have three children. From all outward appearances, they seem to be doing this in a mature and quiet way, bearing their childrens’ needs in mind. This doesn’t mean that divorce doesn’t hurt or that they don’t periodically want to throttle each other, but it’s nice to see a famous couple not airing all their dirty laundry in public.

So what happened? Truthfully, no one will know for sure except for Jennifer and Ben. There are reports of infidelity, gambling, and drinking – all surfire ways to end a marriage. There are hints that careers got in the way – again, not an unusual occurrence anymore given that both halves of a couple tend to both have careers these days. It is important to remember that anything that anyone says is purely conjecture unless it comes from the mouths of the couple themselves – and even then, most divorcing couples tend to gloss over things publicly and this is their privilege.

Numerology can shed a little light on things. Celebrity lives make good learning tools because you can research and fact check public figures, and see the energy of numbers playing out in their lives.

Life Path Analysis

Their life paths are 8 (Ben) and 4 (Jennifer). These are two strong numbers with an intense connection to each other. When 4s and 8s get together the relationship usually runs strong and deep. Chances are good that their paths will never fully untangle from each other. Separately both life paths are career-oriented, Ben’s being the more ambitious number concerned with fame and glory, and Jennifer’s being the more focused number concerned with details, getting things done, and providing stability. Put together their relationship has a life path of 3. This is a relationship where spontaneity and lightness are needed to offset the strong currents that these two power numbers generate. Too much of the heavy can cause some of the problems that we have been learning about over the past few months.

A closer look using relationship numbers derived from their names reveals a little bit more. Remember that I use Chaldean number/letter values:

From their first names, we arrive to an 8 relationship number. This number shows their personal interactions. There is a tremendous push-pull here, as this number is strong, controlling, powerful, passionate, and very strongly sexual. Hopefully they used a safe word and kept a good pair of shears on the night table!! The problem here is that we have two strong and ambitious life paths being influenced by this number so chances are pretty good that each tried to control the other and there was a strong hint of one-upping as each partner wanted to assert their dominance.

The outcome of the relationship is governed by 11. This is a high vibration number. It is difficult to live up to the energies of Master Numbers and high energy people influenced by Master Number energy in important spots on their chart can burn out easily. Looking at these numbers it is my opinion that if their life paths were anything but an 8 and a 4, they would have packed it in ages ago. 11 is another number concerned with power and control. When the 11 energy is supported by other strong numbers it can become out of control quickly and both partners can drown in the struggle. The best way to deal with strong 11 energy is to focus less on being out there in the world and more on the reduced energy of the 2: focusing on each other and creating a private, bonded homelife of shared activities and friendships where the focus is on the two of you functioning as one unit at home, not simply as two individuals that live together. Under this energy, career and the outside world take a backseat, but both partners have to be on board.

“…..was not committed…..”

This is the phrase that was being used when the stories first broke a few months ago, that over the last few years, Ben was “not committed” to the marriage. This is a polite way of saying that he was running around and this has indeed surfaced. Let’s look at their cornerstone energy:

Jennifer – cornerstone of J: 

The J cornerstone is straightforward and blunt. J holds onto the past as a reference point for the future. What this means is that this cornerstone energy forgives but never forgets; and anticipates more of the same. This can be seen as being logical and reasonable, especially to someone with a 4 life path, but it can also create a situation of self-fulfilling prophecy as the J cornerstone can be extremely wont to throw these issues in the face of their loved ones when feeling insecure or threatened. This devotion to the past makes it difficult to live in the present. This can manifest in veiled references and snide remarks, and a lot of “……I’m just sayin’ is all…..”

The J cornerstone likes to be in control. It is also good at keeping a lid on situations to the point of repression. J likes to present a Christmas card public face, but in order to truly have that Christmas card happy family the J cornerstone needs to learn to let things go.

Ben – cornerstone of B: 

The B cornerstone is the facade that keeps everything held inside. B cornerstones do not deal well with negativity. Because they tend to bottle it up, it manifests in very unhealthy ways: activities such as gambling, substance abuse, and obsessive affairs. There can be some issues with fetishes or fantasies as well if the B cornerstone is denied their sexual expression or it is belittled in some way. Interestingly, remembering that Ben’s life path is an 8, this life path energy has a strong and dark sexual undercurrent that can be emphasized by this cornerstone energy. When the B cornerstone feels unappreciated or exposed, tantrums and other emotional outbursts will occur.

This cornerstone needs emotional validation and intimacy. B cornerstones thrive in relationships where they can be cuddled and stroked, and allowed to express their desires to that one special person. In a D/s relationship, Bs make great submissives provided that their dominant gives them the emotional support that they need.

Is this relationship truly over?

They are already being compared to Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, who were famously married and divorced to each other several times. I believe that while the marriage may be over, their relationship is not. I would still say this even if they did not have children in common.

These are both strong people with several lifetimes of devotion to each other and I don’t believe this story will ever be over.