Two life path

Thank you so much for choosing to come back to us!! You’re here this time to work on cooperating. You want to learn about being a team player, so you’ve decided to set yourself up this time around to work in groups.

This life path is the number of duality. It meshes well with the energies of Libra and Gemini, but also Cancer as the number two is ruled by the Moon. Number two people are sensitive, kind, and unselfish. They love home life and family. They thrive in close knit, cozy surroundings. This life path is often the “power behind the throne” and excells in areas that allow them to help others.

Strongly intuitive, they can also have their feelings hurt A LOT and so they need to develop thicker skins. Not everything should be taken personally. Because they can retreat inward, especially when hurt, the Two life path can be passive aggressive and overly emotional. Twos need to balance out their emotions and learn to communicate effectively to those around them when they feel hurt.

They can be relied upon in a crisis. The Two life path excels in a supporting role because they will consider the needs of those around them before their own. Being heart-centred, they can be indecisive and unlike the One life path, they will have great difficulty in making hard decisions, if they lack the energy of the 1 in their chart. For example, a Two life path manager would agonize over laying off employees right before Christmas whereas a One life path manager wouldn’t think twice if it was a good business decision.

They are artistic and will create a lovely home. They are also romantic and loving, and need lots of reassurance and attention from their significant other.

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