Three life path

Thank you for coming back!! We need your charm and wit. You can defuse just about any tense situation with your humour. You never let them see you sweat and always leave them wanting more.

This number is associated with the planet Jupiter, benevolent truth-seeker. Three life paths are adaptable and always moving forward. This is a life path in love with constant change. Threes tend toward being idealists, travelers, and inventors. Most of the time this life path lands on its feet.

Three life paths make great friends, especially if you are having a bad day. They will heap on the praise and happy thoughts, and unless you just enjoy being difficult, you can’t help but smile and feel great.

Three can be lonely in a crowd. Like other odd numbers the three thrives on movement and change, but needs to watch his impulses when things become stressful.

These folks have a gift for words and love to laugh. They are naturally quite charming and appear to live without a care in the world. However, they can also be bossy pains in the arse and need to watch the Henry Ford style of management.

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