One life path

Thank you for choosing to come back!!! You’re here to stand out and be noticed. Maybe you were a wallflower in a past life, maybe you’ve lived this life a few times because you need to really internalize these lessons, who knows.

The One life paths are ambitious and leaders within their community. This path is linked to the energy of the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These folks are single-minded and focus in on what they want, letting nothing get in the way of their ambitions. There are times when this life path needs a little kick and reminder that the sun does not rise and set on them alone and that yes, they can actually be wrong or make a mistake.

People on the One life path have strong opinions on everything, as well as a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm. Generally these are very independent, positive people. Good at making snap decisions or hard decisions, they can also be seen as ruthless in business. Their brashness in victory can also see them viewed as conceited as they are the first to toot their horn. This number likes freedom and independence, and does not like waiting around for others to catch up. As much as they like people, they don’t want anyone holding them back.

Often warm and kind, they attract a lot of people to them, although they may never have many close friends. They are not the greatest at showing deep feelings, preferring to keep things light and happy. They make great starters but lousy finishers and will frequently bite off more than they can chew.

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