Four life path

Thank you for coming back!! You’re here to learn about working within established parameters and making the most of the resources that are available. Yours is the energy of The Establishment.

This number is associated with the Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Four life paths are extremely grounded and hard-working. They are also sensible, logical, and have a clawing pathological need for security and stability at all costs.

They are practical and love systems and systematic approaches to things. In many cases it appears that the Four life path has to fight upstream to get by, but that is the big lesson of the four: working within limitations. Once this life path understands that they have to work within the rules and frameworks as they exist, the world becomes a far less threatening place.

Fours and Eights have special affinity for one another, both are powerful and strong numbers. The Four life path resists change and likes to keep things as they are. Fours tend not to be spontaneous and do best with a structured routine. They are well liked because they are dependable, but they could do with a little lightening up.

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