Five life path

You came back!! Yay!! Thank you for being born, the party was boring without you!! You’ve chosen to be the free-spirited explorer. You always get noticed. You’re the one that folks either want to be or want to be with. Go you!!

This number links with Mercury, planet of communication and intellect. It also connects with Aquarius, Virgo, and Gemini. Five life paths are lively, exciting, artistic, and talkative. They attract a lot of attention and can quickly become the centre of the room. They thrive on chaos and excitement. The Five life path knows a lot of people and can be very well connected, owing to their sociability and traveling nature.

Like the Three life path, Fives always seem to land on their feet, no matter what misfortune is thrown their way. They can talk and joke their way out of most situations. They can be flighty, though, and never take root in one spot for very long. A Five is either changing jobs every couple of years, romantic partners, or addresses – but something has to keep changing. A Five held to one spot and a routine becomes edgy and depressed.

In spite of the amount of affinity to the energy of Air, the Five life path is a very physical incarnation. This person is here to learn their lessons through the flesh, so there is a strong sexual energy in this number. Other sensual things such as food, drink, and drugs can be prominent in a Five’s life and an unbalanced life path may have issues with addiction.

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