The Life Path

lifepathLike an astrological sun sign, the numerological life path of an individual is determined by their date of birth. While other numbers in your life can change, the life path is one of the constant  aspects of your chart, being derived from the birthday.

The life path number is our basic identity. It shows the overall picture of what you are working toward in this particular lifetime. More specific information can be gleaned from other numbers, such as the ones found in your name. All the other numbers in your chart will modify your life path information somewhat. In this regard it is very much like the sun sign in that no two individuals with the same sign will be exactly the same because they were born at different times. No two people with the same life path will be exactly the same, either.

It is entirely possible to not agree with your life path. Many numerology books only focus on the positive aspects of things and greatly downplay the negative. Someone who is actually living out the negative portion of their life path may read about it and say “Well this is bullshit. That’s not me.” It is also important to remember that the life path is what you work toward learning this time around. If your life path is 9, for example, and you are a shut down, negative, selfish ass then you are going to find that life is very frustrating until you learn to be altruistic, generous, open-minded, and start working towards the betterment of the world as opposed to just yourself. Remember, we are here to learn. Knowing the life path does not make living it any easier, it just means that you have an updated map.

To calculate your life path, add all the numbers in your date of birth until you get a two digit number and then reduce that number until it becomes either a number from 1-9 or a master number 11, 22, 33, or 44. Here is my life path calculation, to show you how it’s done:

March 10th, 1972

3 + 10 + 1972


= 23


My life path is a five, although for an advanced study, the sub number of 23, which is actually an important compound number, can also be studied – but for the time being, it is simply 5.

Here is my son George’s life path:

October 23rd 1994

10 + 23 + 1994



2+9 = 11

George’s life path number is not reduced below 11 because that is a master number. However, since most people do not vibrate at the master level most of the time, it will be advantageous of him to also learn about the 2 life path as the 11 can be further reduced to a 2, if necessary.

Life Path 1

You came back to stand out. Whatever you do, don’t try to blend in – it’s not you. You’re here to make your presence known and that means that you’ll make a lot of others uncomfortable. You knew that coming in, though, so you brought courage, independence, resourcefulness, and a great big set of cahones in your toolkit for this lifetime. If you find this life to an unhappy or unsuccessful one, then it’s probably because you’re hiding behind someone else or not living in the thick of things. You were born to the stir the pot – here’s your big spoon.

Life Path 2

You came back to fit in. You like being part of something, you like having relationships. You’ve had independence in other lifetimes, now you want to cuddle. Use your compassion and big-hearted nature to help others on their way in life. Kiss the booboos, dispense the advice, and remember that although emotions are challenging and often icky, you are here to navigate them. Keep an open heart.

Life Path 3

You came back to inspire us all. Your take on life is radical and different. You’re charming, outgoing, creative, and a great salesperson. You’re on top when you’re on stage or in the centre of things, possibly competing with Life Path 1 for attention. Like Tesla, your great brilliance may not be recognized until years later, but don’t let that stop you from filling the world with your art, written works, or inventions.

Life Path 4

There are dirty jobs in this world and somebody has to do them, and so here you are. You came back to learn about organization, boundaries, physical effort, and good old fashioned hard work. This brave new digital world often seems like a weird foreign land to you because you speak plainly and live practically. Don’t hide, though, we need people like you to build the homes, lay the tracks, design the software, and do all the things that the rest of us don’t realize need doing so that we can continue to perfect our Kim Kardashian eyebrows in relative bliss.

Life Path 5

You’re here! We know it! You light up the room every time you walk into it. You’ve got the mojo baby, and everyone wants to be around you. Your physical presence is what serves you in this lifetime and most of your lessons will be lived through the flesh. You naughty, naughty little thing, you. Many will try to own you and your physical nature combined with naive trust can lead you into abusive relationships. Not only do you have to watch out for addictions to things like drugs, alcohol, and food – you have to watch out for who becomes addicted to you. Your need for freedom from restriction and routine will see you doing many things for a living or living in many places. It isn’t unusual for a 5 Life Path to have many homes if they stay in one job or many workplaces if their residence remains fixed – something in your life needs to keep changing for you to be happy. When you’re living fearlessly, it appears to others that you have a charmed life – and you do!! You always land on your feet.

Life Path 6

Beauty and grace are your keywords in this lifetime. Whether you are a soccer mom shuttling little Haiku and Chipotle to game after game or an interior decorator making castles feel airy, you’re at your best when you look and feel put together. Dance, swim, learn calligraphy, fill your home with meaningful pieces of art – these things will bring you contentedness. Pass this feeling of harmony on to others in your community by being a patron of the arts, a community leader, the parent that the PTA can rely on – and you will quickly find that you become an important part of everyone’s life.

Life Path 7

You want the truth in this lifetime. You’re a spiritual seeker and an intellectual. You don’t mind being alone and tend to look over your glasses at the rest of us. We make you shake your head a lot. You’re the only odd numbered life path that isn’t really a dramatic personality. You create interest by being absent – going to Thailand to meditate in a temple or volunteering as a deck hand on a tall ship to experience life at sea – your constant doings are a way to embrace your higher self and need to learn. As you get older, you’ll be the wise auntie or uncle that everyone comes to for advice, so pick your cardigan and have it ready.

Life Path 8

There’s nothing like walking up to the bar and knowingly choosing the strong stuff, eh? This life time is all about the use of power. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to wield it – this is a life path whose energy is wrapped up in ambition, desire, and success. When an 8 Life Path is switched on, everything they touch seems to turn to gold from an outsider’s perspective. You know that isn’t really the truth – you worked your ass off for what you have – and in some cases you threw a few people under the bus to get there. Nothing gets in your way and you’re happiest when you’re the one on top. Just don’t forget that your journey wasn’t a solo mission. You’re at your best when you share your success.

Life Path 9

This is the life path of higher service. You need to put your talents and energy to use on a global scale, not a local one. Military service, The Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity – these are the domains of well adjusted 9s. You need to release a lot of the accumulated negative baggage of the other lives. A lot of the 9s I’ve met are bitter, frustrated harpies that engage in power over instead of power with because they just don’t see how living in service to humanity can help them as individuals. Sorry, but yours is not the picket fence life path. Your focus will be different than that of others. You may find that the significant others in your life feel neglected or caged – set them free or change the parameters so that you may both pursue your life’s bliss.

Life Path 11

You came back all full of piss and vinegar, ready to make the world a better place. You may find, though, that the world often doesn’t want to change and that people find you to be a bit…..intense. People with master numbers vibrate at a higher level than those around them and that energy demands attention. Sometimes the owners of this energy can get a little whipped up and need to be reminded that they can attract more bees with honey – research your lower vibration – the 2 Life Path, for information on how to step down from your pedestal and be more approachable from time to time. You’re here to take centre stage in any field you dive into: arts, science, medicine, rocket science, music, engineering – wherever you’re interested. Often the world will feel like a frustrating place until you can accept that things don’t usually unfold the way you want them to. Once you stop musterbating, the gates of the Universe generally open up to you…and the angels sings, and the harps play….you know the drill.

Life Path 22

Like the Life Path 11, you’re here to do some pretty awesome things. Take your persistence, love of organization, and logical mind to great heights building energy efficient homes, running an ethical company, or solving world hunger. Like the other master numbers, you may have difficulties at a young age; your energy is different and you may get written off by “experts” for being apart from the herd. Whatever. Your honesty in this lifetime will earn you praise and criticism. When seeking to understand your life path, also take time to learn about the 4 Life Path because you can’t vibrate at the 22 all day long. You’ll burn yourself out.

Life Path 33

This life path is a highly evolved and sensitive path. You’re drawn to show the world your great artistic vision through whatever medium resonates with you. Maybe it’s music, dance, or cupcakes – who knows. Just remember that as much as you enjoy your life as an airy fairy dramatic being, someone has to have to a day job so that the lights come on and the toilet paper doesn’t run out. So until the world recognizes your superior glitter flinging genius, you still need that boring day job.


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