Relationship Life Path

rlpThe Life Path is to a numerology chart what the Sun sign is to an astrology chart. Your life path will be either a single digit number from 1-9 or a Master Number that is a multiple of 11: 11, 22, 33, etc

Instead of doing a compatibility chart, I prefer to focus on qualities and demands of the relationship as it is. You can have a happy relationship in the real world with someone even if there is massive incompatibility on paper. A relationship life path is calculated by first calculating the life paths of the individuals involved and then adding them together. This new number is then reduced to either a single digit between 1-9 or a Master Number. This is the life path of your relationship, showing the broad strokes:

Please note: some of these life paths are a little testy – not every path in life ends with a picket fence and a station wagon in the driveway. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a happy long term relationship with someone if your relationship life path happens to be one of these numbers – just that you will probably have to work harder at it….but you probably already knew this.

Relationship Life Path 1:

You’ll both be happiest maintaining your own separate spheres of influence. This means that you both pursue your own hobbies, friendships, and other interests. Creating bonds of intimacy may be difficult in this relationship. Rather than combining activities or social circles, explore the unknown together and discover new passions that you can share. Those involved in 1 relationships should avoid the urge to one-up or dominate the other – this is where separate spheres of activity can be helpful. This way you can both shine.

This is most likely to be an intense, passionate coupling that involves some plate-throwing love. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t turn into marriage or last long enough to move in together.

Relationship Life Path 2:

For you two, communication is of vital importance. The energy of this relationship is such that even the littlest thing can be taken completely out of context. Each of you needs to strive to see the other’s point of view. You’ll both be sensitive and your feelings will be easily hurt – resist the urge to shut the other out – always keep your hearts open to each other. Unlike the 1 couple, the 2 couple should merge their lives together as much as possible. This forges a strong and deep bond that will allow you to create a “couple identity” that deepens your connection to each other.

Relationship Life Path 3:

The 3 couple will be happiest when they can find time to laugh, play, and fingerpaint with each other. Keeping things light-hearted and spontaneous is the way of this relationship. Entertain together and use your creative talents to build an eccentric home that showcases your personalities for all to see.

This is not a relationship that can withstand the “heavy” all that well. Unplanned events, financial disaster, illnesses, injuries, separations due to work – the sorts of things that can test a relationship – can cause this one to crumble quite quickly.

Relationship Life Path 4:

You will be happiest if you build something of substance together: a business, home, restore antique cars, compete in BBQ cook-offs. Always be transparent with each other but temper the urge to be so blunt or stubborn that both parties shut down. Share your big dreams and visions with each other so that you always have goals to work towards. It will help you to avoid the rut of “work” and keep things exciting.

This relationship will need regular check-ins and date nights to avoid turning into work buddies that happen to sleep together.

Relationship Life Path 5:

You are a couple that needs to experience the world together. Take road trips, cruises, go camping, live in a yurt in the woods, experience Cambodia, India, Morocco, or wherever the spirit moves you to go. Explore the senses to their fullest and indulge your inner hedonist together: study massage, Tantra or Taoist sexual techniques, cook exotic meals together, or take sommelier training. Become suitcase artisans and run a creative business online that allows you to earn money on the fly or operate in the alternative health field. This can be a passionate, sensual relationship so care needs to be taken to avoid overindulgence and ill health.

This can be a wild and passionate relationship that could last a lifetime, but the life energy of this coupling is very, very physical. If sensual/sexual needs are put aside, this relationship will flounder.

Relationship Life Path 6:

Together you create a beautiful, cozy, artful home. You are the couple that always has the fancy coffees and tollhouse cookies to serve to whoever should drop by. The potential is there in the 6 energy to fill that home with children. Together you should become active within your community: coach soccer or martial arts, get involved in local recycling efforts, be active in local environmental groups. If you have the means to do so, become patrons of the local arts/culture scene and support things like the ballet, opera, theatre, or other artistic mediums. This relationship could be long-lasting and incredibly loving so long as you both remember to do at least some things apart from each other.

Relationship Life Path 7:

Your relationship carries a deeply spiritual, almost mystical energy. It should be nurtured away from public view. You two will do best with a small circle of very close friends, although you may know many people. The strong psychic bond that develops can be both amazing and hurtful because you will both feel the other in a way that most people can not comprehend and there will be few secrets between you. There is a tendency with 7 energy to live in your heads more than your hearts and while your intellectual intimacy will be iron-clad, you should work on being tender-hearted with each other.

This relationship thrives when both parties work to create a private, insular bubble away from the competing energy of the mundane world around them. Study meditation, energy healing, or ayurveda together. Bring the natural world into your lives through gardening, urban homesteading, fostering animals, or periodically dropping off the grid to spend time in nature.

Relationship Life Path 8:

You are movers and shakers in this relationship. The 8 energy is a powerful motivator – find a cause that you can both be passionate about and work together to raise awareness and/or funds, or manage people within a charitable organization. Like the 4, you would do well to build a business together: flip houses, buy out floundering businesses and parcel them off, or be a consulting team. Teach people to take charge of their business, money, or life. When you are both switched on, this is a pairing that attracts abundance.

There is also a strong sexual current that has the potential to become edgy or dark, so keep safety scissors on the nightstand and remember kids – always use a safeword.

Relationship Life Path 9:

Together you can dive into a life of higher service. Reach out together to help those less fortunate through religious mission work, or through secular organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, Doctors Without Borders if you are healthcare professionals, or a group such as SOS Children’s Villages. You two will be happiest living a life in service to humanity, going beyond the boundaries of your relationship to see to the greater good. Foster children or animals, turn your property into a healing retreat for abuse survivors, run a camping business that puts inner city children in touch with nature – these are all things that a couple with 9 energy would enjoy.

Surrendering to spirit and living a humble life helping others will keep your love for each other alive.

Relationship Life Path 11:

Read about the 2 relationship because this pertains to you as well. Add to it the profound psychic bond that you both probably felt the moment your eyes met. You might think of each other as soul mates. You’re here to do great work together, whether it is spiritual or earthly.

Relationship Life Path 22:

Read about the 4 relationship because this pertains to you as well. You both thrive taking education and building a career together. This relationship is about teaching others. You both shine as spiritual advisors, intuitive counselors, or career coaches.

Relationship Life Path 33:

Read about the 6 relationship because this pertains to you as well. Your shared creative/artistic gifts need to brought forward for the world to enjoy. You both must remember not to get artsy-fartsy at the expense of the bills because it is difficult to express your creative genius in the dark. You may not like your day jobs, but until you’re both able to present your combined creative genius to the world in a way that resonates with your soul and pays the bills, you will need the security that a little 9-5 living can bring.

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