rlpcThe most common questions that I am asked during numerology appointments are about romance. Out of those, a good majority of people want to know if they are compatible with a certain someone. What I have learned over the years is that chart compatibility does not matter. A lot of you reading this won’t believe me, but truly, it does not.

There are a lot of happy couples out there whose charts are like oil and water, yet these people are quite happy together. They stay together for decades, if not their whole lives – and yet the stars, the numbers, the cards – all are against them.

So I say again, chart compatibility does not matter.

It can offer hints as to how two people might get along. An individual’s chart can offer insight into how that person might handle themselves within a relationship or what they might be looking for in another person. However, compatibility between two charts is no great indicator of whether or not a relationship between two people will work.

Compatibility is not about how two charts might lock together and be a good fit, because in many cases they may only be a good fit on paper. Compatibility is about the chart indicators that show how a person behaves within all sorts of relationships or if they are even evolved enough to be in a relationship. Certain markers within a chart: addictions, bad temper, in/ability to be loyal – these are all things to be looked at regardless of how compatible your numbers or planets may be. Yes there are some very quick formulas that can be done to assess the numerological compatibility between two people’s charts but they pale in comparison to a more in depth look at someone’s character in the numbers, for it is in there that the truth is revealed.

It doesn’t matter how great your compatibility looks on paper, if, for example, the other person’s chart shows a great propensity towards an explosive temper. Do you want someone that loses their shit on a regular basis? An equally undeveloped personality says “Oh, s/he will change for me” or believes that compatibility conquers all. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

If you ask five numerologists to determine romantic compatibility they may have five different formulas, but for the most part, much of that will involve the life path numbers of both individuals. This is like basing your compatibility strictly on astrological sun signs in that while it shows the big picture and broad strokes, it doesn’t really reveal the inner character of someone. In order to get a feel for someone, you have to be willing to study the whole chart, not just a small part of it. There are literally hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people on this planet right this minute that you are compatible with – on paper.

Basing a relationship with someone on elements of chart compatibility is silly, especially if the other person does not treat you well. Chart compatibility is no guarantee that someone is ready to become involved or that they will even be good to you. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop people (mostly women) from consulting astrological or numerological websites to do a quick and superficial chart comparison before they give their hearts over to someone that may well treat them like dirt. What is even sadder is that even when their significant others treat them poorly, consistently, they still cling to the idea that this person will change because they are “perfect for each other”.

As frustrating as this may be to hear, it does not matter if you have a 5 Life Path and your lover’s is a 2. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Aquarius on that particular life path and he’s a Taurus. Technically speaking, these two particular signs and life paths are two people that – at least on paper – should get together for a one night stand and then never speak again, but I’m willing to bet that there are Aquarius 5s and Taurus 2s that are happily married and don’t think the other is from another planet. It doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer and he’s a ditch digger. It doesn’t matter if either one of you is tall, short, fat, thin, or purple with green stripes. What matters is whether or not you are both ready for a relationship when you both meet. In fact, timing is often more important than the superficial elements of compatibility that we often get hung up on. Instead of using an oracle to determine if you both have the same interests, use that oracle to determine if the timing is right for both of you.

We are attracted to energy and confidence, regardless of what the numbers or planets might say. What also matters is how you both make each other feel. If someone makes you feel good in their presence, you will want to spend more time with them and also them with you. If an oracle’s compatibility rating was everything, then the books wouldn’t also include sections for those of us already in those so-called incompatible relationships.

Rather than hammer out some compatibility report, go here and do a quick calculation to determine the life path of your relationship as it exists now. This does not give you a compatibility reading, rather, it gives you an idea of the life energy that your relationship with each other can take on, and how to make it work.

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