Tomorrow’s Eclipse – September 16, 2016

Everyone under the New Age sun is blogging and talking about the eclipse tomorrow. Most of us in the world won’t see it, but we don’t need to see it to feel it. I haven’t blogged much this year because it’s been a hell of a year and I’m still working on getting through it with my shit intact.

But enough about me….

The full moon is in Pisces, so those of us with this sign prominent in our natal charts will feel the effects of this the most. A lot of astrological websites are talking about the greater, worldwide implications of this particular eclipse energy and they are probably greater experts at it than I, so I won’t spend any time talking about that. Following world events has never been my strong point.

What I want to do is talk about the feels you’ll be feeling a little closer to home. If you are a Pisces sun or Pisces moon, you are no doubt feeling the effects of things this week, never mind tomorrow. As the planets move and the energy builds, the effects of particularly strong astrological events make themselves felt days beforehand. Those of us sensitive to the moon’s energy have been feeling it since Monday, as the moon continues to wax and grow. All the water signs, not just Pisces, will be affected more than they usually are.

But what does that mean?

This particular moon and eclipse force old wounds to the surface for release. Estranged spouses, children that you haven’t spoken to in years, old lovers with whom you have a history resembling a Greek tragedy, army buddies that you went through shit with, coworkers that you had a falling out with – these are the sorts of people or events that you may find yourself revisiting this week. When it happens, feel all the feels, as uncomfortable as they are. Particularly if you are a water sign, resist the urge to layer over this with food, drink, or other substances. Don’t numb yourself with alcohol, don’t go looking for someone to fuck the pain away – squirrel your sad self into a corner and have a good, room shaking cry. It’s the best way to let things go. If there is someone else connected to this, and if it is safe/appropriate to do so, have that good cry with them. Or have the talk that you’ve been meaning to have – or not – it’s up to you. Just don’t ignore things when they happen.

If Mars is prominent in your chart – if you don’t know, that’s fine. Got a huge temper? Love to work out? Don’t feel like there’s balance in the world if you’re not sweating, arguing your point, or in charge of something? That’s your Mars energy. Most of us out there probably don’t know how all of the planets in our chart interact and that’s ok. Mars is square the Sun and Moon during this, making it extremely difficult for some of us to see the other side of things and more likely to let our watery emotions take over. The end result can be arguments, cutting remarks, and plates whizzing through the air.

The yin side of this event (Pisces full moon) wants to let go and forgive, to cry and release it all to the universe. The yang side of things (Mars square) wants to hold his guts out and say, “Look at what you did to me!!!”

Balance is a tricky thing, which is why if you’re feeling the feels of a past relationship this week, think twice before talking to the other parties involved. If what you want to do is put the past behind you and move forward, that’s a great idea. Empty the vessel, pour it into the earth, and let it wash away. If what you want to do, though, is scream and yell, point fingers, and pick another pointless fight, then stand in front of the bathroom mirror and scream “YOU BIIIIIIITCH!!!!” over and over again until you feel better.


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