Give a little bit of heart and soul

The Heart Number – or Soul Number – refers to our inner selves. It is derived by adding the values of the vowels in the full name and reducing the resulting sum to either a number from 1-9 or a master number. Like the moon sign in astrology, it shows our emotions and passions. Also like the moon sign, it can show more of the true individual than the life path or sun sign. This number also shows our likes and dislikes. It can also point to the types of environments or lifestyles that we may prefer. Some of us are experts at hiding their emotions. Others let theirs hang out for all to see.

This number shows the true motivations or intentions behind our actions. The heart number strongly influences our decision making process. For many of us, our feelings are what propel us forward in life. Pain is fuel and it is in our hearts that we dig deep to find the means to push forward and grow.

In those times that we feel bereft of emotion, we are listless and hollow. We experience the lower vibration of the energies that affect us. We lack drive, we don’t care. We let ourselves go. Life becomes grey and everything is an upward struggle. It is important to remember that energy exists on a spectrum and although we may feel as though we are disconnected from the universe, it is usually the result of drawing on the crappy end of the spectrum because we are never not connected. It is also important to remember that negative energy can be used for positive results. In her book “The Intention Experiment”, author Lynne McTaggart talks about a man in China who used hateful intent to destroy cancer. He filled his heart with nasty and channeled it for the greater good. So if you’re feeling negative, try to think of how you can use your own special brand of nasty in a way that accomplishes something positive.

Please note: these descriptions are not comprehensive and they are solo interpretations. Their meanings will change within a chart because they will be modified by the other numbers also there. 

Heart Number 1

  • Feels as though they are a born leader. On a good day, they are understanding, compassionate packmasters. On a bad day they subscribe to the Henry Ford School of Management.
  • They have high energy and huge ambitions. Don’t get in their way, especially if there’s a bus nearby!!
  • They consider their ideas first and foremost, and don’t take suggestions, opinions, or criticism well.

Heart Number 2

  • Very vulnerable, they have a great sensitivity. They can feel the emotions of everyone around them. Quite often they can get swept up in the mood of the room.
  • They are kind and sympathetic, and always very giving; sometimes to a fault.
  • They have a pathological, clawing need for security and will often stay with the devil they know even if they are miserable. “They will change if only I love them enough.”

Heart Number 3

  • Humorous, charming, and disgustingly optimistic. Not the person to be around if you can’t deal with mornings, no coffee, or both.
  • Their charm and wit, and general Class Clown behaviour masks a great need for acceptance and approval.
  • They are great actors and you may never know just how bad their day really is until their grand ability to compartmentalize their issues fails them and you see them going postal on the 6 o’clock news.

Heart Number 4

  • They are “behind the scenes” people through and through. They thrive in supporting roles and actively avoid the spotlight.
  • They can be terribly shy and prefer to keep their head down, working.
  • These folks tend to be hardworking and reliable, the ones you refer to as “good people”. They also love structure and frameworks – do not put them in a situation where they have to wing it.
  • If you’re a disorganized, aimless boob, look for a BFF with lots of 4 energy and just let them go to town reorganizing your life and cleaning the detritus from your fridge.

Heart Number 5

  • These folks dislike restrictions and authority. This was the child who never shut up and made you want to drink.
  • They like to go their own way and need lots of personal space. You’ll always know where they are – just follow the trail of mess or wait for the 2am phone call. They’re broke. In Majorca. Send money.
  • People with strong 5s in their Core Numbers are the folks who attract a lot of attention. They light up the room and everyone wants to be around them. They exude physical energy – wink, wink.
  • As sexy and attractive as they are, intimacy is a problem for them – they don’t want to know about your childhood issues. Not until middle age, anyway, when they’re done seeing the world and sowing their oats.

Heart Number 6

  • Just like Buddha, these folks are always living in love and compassion, often putting others ahead of themselves.
  • They are artistic, resourceful, lucky, conscientious, involved in their community, and just all around nauseatingly good people.
  • They make the best cupcakes, so be sure to invite them to your backyard BBQs.

Heart Number 7

  • They have an over reaching need to know everything. EVERYTHING. Prepare to sit quietly in the corner putting your eyes out while they calmly dissect and analyze your first argument.
  • These are the folks that love obscurity. If there is anyone who is a raving fan of experimental bands that no one has heard of or cares about – it will be someone with a strong 7 placement in their Core Numbers. Thankfully, they won’t be offended if you tell them that you plan on being dead the day that The Chainsaw Monkeys play in your town.
  • These folks live in their heads, not their hearts. Don’t ask them if your outfit makes you look fat.

Heart Number 8

  • They love control. Like the 4s, 8s need structure and security. They do this by keeping everyone around them on a tight leash. You may kneel.
  • They are trustworthy and dependable. How can you not love a person who runs their home like a military operation?
  • Do not treat your special 8 person to a day at the spa because they will only make their therapist cry. They relax by doing, so consider giving them a crackhouse to renovate while on vacation.

Heart Number 9

  • These are organizers and world leaders that will whip you into shape. 9 energy is pretty impersonal, though, so you might want to go out back and cry about your problems alone.
  • These are restless, intelligent people. If they get bored, they may start taking things apart to “fix” them, or to see how they work.
  • Charismatic but distant, they need something to believe in, to fight for, to work towards. They also need a variety of people and change in their lives. A bored, unfulfilled 9 is a scowling, unconsolable pain in your ass.

Heart Number 11

  • The Sterling Archer of heart energy, folks.
  • They have great inner faith in themselves, but they really need for you to believe in them as well.
  • Patience is not their virtue. As with most master numbers, people who carry these strong vibrations can’t keep up this energy all of the time. They need to bump back down to the reduced energy – in this case, 2. They will need you to knock them down a peg or three from time to time.
  • Once they get on the path to a goal, they are like a dog with a nice, juicy bone. They won’t stop until they achieve it, or they drop dead trying. You gotta love their perseverance.

Heart Number 22

  • They have great potential to achieve many goals, but like other master numbers, they operate on a high frequency. It is important that they learn to allow the energy of the 4 into their life. Without structure and organization, these master architects will burn out.
  • These folks need to put frivolity aside and pursue a practical approach. They can achieve great things because they are brilliant, creative, and driven, but they need to take the highway to get there, and not the road less traveled.
  • They love perfection, absolute balance, and harmony. If you want to really get under their skin, make lima bean happy faces in their zen garden or rearrange the magazines on the coffee table. Sit back and watch.


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