Spit that apple out

Many people seek out oracles because they want answers to questions like “What is my purpose in life?” or “What should I do about this or that?” or “How do I get (insert prize here)?”

What you want can very quickly morph into this monster full of anxiety about the world. What you want can paralyze you and see you standing on the sidelines waiting for a written invitation to come join the world in progress.

“What do you/I want?” can spin out of control quickly. It allows for musterbating and suddenly what you want becomes bogged down with all these damned attachments, like how what you want should happen or when or through whom. Suddenly you catch yourself thinking, “That’s not a good goal”, “That’s a stupid job”, or “It’ll never pay the bills”…..and on and on, and you stay right where you are.

You aren’t here specifically to be a superhero or a ditchdigger. You’re not here to fulfill anyone else’s ideas about how your life must be or what you should be doing with it. You’re not here to commit to one path in life where A + B always equals C. You’re here because you felt like coming back and that’s great – welcome back!! Come back again and again and again – or not. Have it your way – you’ve always been having it your way, actually.

You’re here to create another universe within the multiverse. No one will ever experience anything the way that you do. Your experiences have not been experienced by anyone else. Even if their life follows a similar path, it will never be exactly like yours. Our experiences are all unique. Your universe becomes part of that vast multiverse from which we all draw because all of our universes are constantly overlapping and interacting. What life are you contributing to the well? The one where you did what everyone else wanted? The one where you followed your heart?

Put the apple down. You know what I’m talking about. THAT apple. Put it down.

The apple isn’t real. That’s the temptation. When you bite the apple you accept its reality and the physical senses and all the limitations of the physical world. When you chomp on that apple you begin the process of believing yourself to be separated from the spiritual, allowing the illusions of a physical, linear existence to be your parameters. You believe yourself to be powerless, and in need of saving.

The physical world is not an entirely awful place. We do live here and we do have some dandy fine experiences here, in addition to some boring ones and some crappy ones. The problem is that when we live like this is the only world that is real – remember, thoughts become things – and when we believe that these things are more real than the Spirit/thoughts that gave these things existence, we become stuck in the mud, spinning our wheels.

We forget that we created this shit/fabulosity/extreme boringness. What happens next is that we just keep reacting to things, as though we are somehow powerless to effect any change, and we just keep making more of the same, and we keep reacting – like we somehow didn’t make this crapulence for ourselves. Like as if some unseen detached force either blessed us or cursed us when our heads were turned. So we turn to oracles to fix things for us, except that most of us won’t accept that our connection to spirit is still real and strong, so we don’t take our own advice – you’re the one choosing the lots/cards/runes/tossing the coins – you’re the one that really does know what’s going on. That oracle is a thing, a tool; it exists because someone at some point in time thought of it. There is nothing wrong with using an oracle, just remember that it can only tell you what you already know in your very cells because you are always connected to the multiverse.

This is the sin we are supposed to be tainted with. There really is no such thing as sin, though, because sin is a separation from spirit and the separation that we believe we suffer from is an illusion. We are always connected to every one and every thing, all the time. That connection is never gone. Sin can never be washed away because it was never there in the first place – you bought into it when you ate that apple. However, the consequences of your actions and the effects they have in your universe and those of others, those consequences are very real.

Spit that apple out!!


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