But it wasn’t supposed to happen this way!!!

When a reader or reading steers you completely wrong.

I see this most often in romance readings. We want very badly to believe that things will work out the way that we want them to and the those involved will live up to our expectations and/or fantasies. This is especially true when we operate from a place of fear, anxiety, or doubt. Of course, we rarely want answers when we’re feeling fine about something. We only want answers when things aren’t so shit hot.

Mental note to me, you, and the rest of the universe: ask questions when things are good. You’ll get an answer that you can deal with because YOU are in a better place at the time that you are seeking.

This situation was put to me recently by someone who was having a hard time dealing with the fact that a romantic relationship was not going the way that they wanted it to go. Being a member of the pagan community and a magical person, this individual sought the advice of friends that read various oracles. They cut the cards, threw the bones, and did whatever they did and every last one of them, bless their sweet blue hearts, blew enormous amounts of sunshine up this person’s arse.

Then it didn’t happen. Not only did it not happen, but the door to it ever happening slammed shut and was triple locked.


Naturally this person wanted to know why, when all the signs were go. Why did all these talented readers say the same things and it didn’t happen? Here a few thoughts on this:

  1. Don’t do multiple readings on one subject. Do ONE reading. IF something changes, or you are suddenly feeling differently THEN do another one.
  2. Don’t troll the readers. Find one person with whom you have a good rapport and stick with them. You’ll only confuse yourself by asking every card cutter in town.
  3. Understand that just because someone has been using an oracle for a long time, does not make them an expert. It just means that they’ve been at it for a while but it doesn’t mean that they are any good.
  4. Sometimes, especially when it comes to oracles like Tarot, cards, or runes, the lots that you draw can show you what you want to see and not what you need to see. This is especially true when you keep asking the same question all the time.
  5. Oracles can only show a snapshot of one moment in time – the time when you ask your question. At that moment in time, you have your answer and potential outcome so long as everyone involved stays on the same page. Things can change a week later, a month later, a year later – hell, things can change ten minutes after you ask your question. I know this very thought makes some people think that they need to ask constantly to stay on top of things, but that is counterproductive. Why? Refer back to points #1 and #4.
  6. If you are asking about other people and you don’t have their permission, then expect a certain amount of wonkiness. We all have psychic shields that protect us from many unseen intrusions, including well-meaning folk who are being nosy or helpfully trying to influence us.

My friend was especially perplexed when someone said, “Hey, I can see you guys getting married.” That is the problem with not knowing your oracle – what this other person saw in the runes could also have been termed a successful business partnership or longterm friendship – not necessarily marriage. My friend hung on to this reading and became attached to the outcome, which of course didn’t turn out.

If this is also you, take a deep breath. Relax. Whatever you do, don’t expect the other person, promotion, vacation, situation, etc. to conform to your wants/desires just because it was “fortold”. Please don’t do this. All things happen for a reason and sometimes that reason is to teach you a lesson that sucks. Sometimes the outcome is in your favour. We live in a holographic multiverse that is constantly evolving so it is high nigh impossible to accurately predict how something will play out because there is just so damned much free will involved.

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