Reading for yourself

….and why it’s not always a good idea!!

When you’re a Numerologist, Astrologer, Tarot reader or any sort of oracle user, like everyone else you will invariably have questions that beg to be answered. And why shouldn’t you? After all, you know how to do this and you may well be doing it for other people already.

The problem is remaining objective. It can be terribly confusing to do a reading for yourself and often inaccurate. Here are some of the pitfalls to know in advance, before you find yourself cross-eyed, staring at a bunch of numbers or planets that just don’t. make. sense.

  • Multiple readings on the same question or situation. Yes, you want your boyfriend back. No, you shouldn’t create a dozen charts that look at every angle of your breakup. You will only confuse yourself. If you want to examine the relationship, make one chart, do one card spread, throw the runes once – then wait four to six weeks and come back to your question. If you do multiple readings then they will very quickly stop making sense. Time also creates perspective. As your life moves on, you may find that the thing you needed to know so much about is not such a big deal anymore.
  • Do not read when you are all worked up. Being in a highly emotional state of mind is not conducive to anything productive. Not only are you scattered and not great at keeping your shit together, but you are extremely open to suggestion and liable to plant ideas in your head that will make you cringe later when the dust settles and you have your marbles back in their bag. You wouldn’t read for a client when they’re like this, so take your own advice and go have a bubble bath and calm down. One of my personal rules for reading for myself is that I won’t do a reading right away. I wait a full 24-48 hours after the shit has hit the fan before I look into anything.
  • You interpret your chart the way you want to see it, not the way it is. Whenever I want to do a reading for myself, I do it out loud, as if I was reading for a client. I imagine that the person wanting to know is sitting right across from me. It feels silly at first, but it’s the best way to give yourself an objective reading. You have no emotional attachments to the outcome of someone else’s question so you’re more likely to give a more objective reading to your “pretend client” than you are to yourself.

You know, sometimes it’s a good idea to be a client now and then and visit a professional peer for a reading. It doesn’t hurt to have the viewpoint of an objective third party – mystical or otherwise – during trying periods in our lives.



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