Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

One of Hollywood’s favourite couples is getting a divorce. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been married for ten years and have three children. From all outward appearances, they seem to be doing this in a mature and quiet way, bearing their childrens’ needs in mind. This doesn’t mean that divorce doesn’t hurt or that they don’t periodically want to throttle each other, but it’s nice to see a famous couple not airing all their dirty laundry in public.

So what happened? Truthfully, no one will know for sure except for Jennifer and Ben. There are reports of infidelity, gambling, and drinking – all surfire ways to end a marriage. There are hints that careers got in the way – again, not an unusual occurrence anymore given that both halves of a couple tend to both have careers these days. It is important to remember that anything that anyone says is purely conjecture unless it comes from the mouths of the couple themselves – and even then, most divorcing couples tend to gloss over things publicly and this is their privilege.

Numerology can shed a little light on things. Celebrity lives make good learning tools because you can research and fact check public figures, and see the energy of numbers playing out in their lives.

Life Path Analysis

Their life paths are 8 (Ben) and 4 (Jennifer). These are two strong numbers with an intense connection to each other. When 4s and 8s get together the relationship usually runs strong and deep. Chances are good that their paths will never fully untangle from each other. Separately both life paths are career-oriented, Ben’s being the more ambitious number concerned with fame and glory, and Jennifer’s being the more focused number concerned with details, getting things done, and providing stability. Put together their relationship has a life path of 3. This is a relationship where spontaneity and lightness are needed to offset the strong currents that these two power numbers generate. Too much of the heavy can cause some of the problems that we have been learning about over the past few months.

A closer look using relationship numbers derived from their names reveals a little bit more. Remember that I use Chaldean number/letter values:

From their first names, we arrive to an 8 relationship number. This number shows their personal interactions. There is a tremendous push-pull here, as this number is strong, controlling, powerful, passionate, and very strongly sexual. Hopefully they used a safe word and kept a good pair of shears on the night table!! The problem here is that we have two strong and ambitious life paths being influenced by this number so chances are pretty good that each tried to control the other and there was a strong hint of one-upping as each partner wanted to assert their dominance.

The outcome of the relationship is governed by 11. This is a high vibration number. It is difficult to live up to the energies of Master Numbers and high energy people influenced by Master Number energy in important spots on their chart can burn out easily. Looking at these numbers it is my opinion that if their life paths were anything but an 8 and a 4, they would have packed it in ages ago. 11 is another number concerned with power and control. When the 11 energy is supported by other strong numbers it can become out of control quickly and both partners can drown in the struggle. The best way to deal with strong 11 energy is to focus less on being out there in the world and more on the reduced energy of the 2: focusing on each other and creating a private, bonded homelife of shared activities and friendships where the focus is on the two of you functioning as one unit at home, not simply as two individuals that live together. Under this energy, career and the outside world take a backseat, but both partners have to be on board.

“…..was not committed…..”

This is the phrase that was being used when the stories first broke a few months ago, that over the last few years, Ben was “not committed” to the marriage. This is a polite way of saying that he was running around and this has indeed surfaced. Let’s look at their cornerstone energy:

Jennifer – cornerstone of J: 

The J cornerstone is straightforward and blunt. J holds onto the past as a reference point for the future. What this means is that this cornerstone energy forgives but never forgets; and anticipates more of the same. This can be seen as being logical and reasonable, especially to someone with a 4 life path, but it can also create a situation of self-fulfilling prophecy as the J cornerstone can be extremely wont to throw these issues in the face of their loved ones when feeling insecure or threatened. This devotion to the past makes it difficult to live in the present. This can manifest in veiled references and snide remarks, and a lot of “……I’m just sayin’ is all…..”

The J cornerstone likes to be in control. It is also good at keeping a lid on situations to the point of repression. J likes to present a Christmas card public face, but in order to truly have that Christmas card happy family the J cornerstone needs to learn to let things go.

Ben – cornerstone of B: 

The B cornerstone is the facade that keeps everything held inside. B cornerstones do not deal well with negativity. Because they tend to bottle it up, it manifests in very unhealthy ways: activities such as gambling, substance abuse, and obsessive affairs. There can be some issues with fetishes or fantasies as well if the B cornerstone is denied their sexual expression or it is belittled in some way. Interestingly, remembering that Ben’s life path is an 8, this life path energy has a strong and dark sexual undercurrent that can be emphasized by this cornerstone energy. When the B cornerstone feels unappreciated or exposed, tantrums and other emotional outbursts will occur.

This cornerstone needs emotional validation and intimacy. B cornerstones thrive in relationships where they can be cuddled and stroked, and allowed to express their desires to that one special person. In a D/s relationship, Bs make great submissives provided that their dominant gives them the emotional support that they need.

Is this relationship truly over?

They are already being compared to Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, who were famously married and divorced to each other several times. I believe that while the marriage may be over, their relationship is not. I would still say this even if they did not have children in common.

These are both strong people with several lifetimes of devotion to each other and I don’t believe this story will ever be over.

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