Karmic Numbers – not that scary

In Numerology there exists a small group of numbers called “Karmic Numbers”. They are 13, 14, 16, and 19. Karmic numbers are things that you have to work on in this lifetime and they relate to the area in which they are found. So, for example, if your life path adds up to a 13 before reducing to a 4, then you have a Karmic number in your chart relating to the path you have set for yourself in this lifetime. Likewise if another Karmic number shows up, perhaps your soul number adds to a 19 before reducing to a 10 and finally to a 1, then there is something to look at in that area.

Generally these are issues that you bring forward in life from previous lifetimes. It is important to remember when dealing with karmic numbers that they all start with 1 – the root of these numbers if you can remember nothing else – is the EGO. They are all ego based issues. The ego is that thing wired into the reptilian portion of our brains ┬áthat keeps us from being eaten by predators or being bested by guys with bigger spears. Unfortunately, in this day and age, in this society, we don’t have a lot of primal survival issues anymore so the ego manifests in other ways: impatience, road rage, stirring the old shit pot, being That Guy. We have to learn to sidestep the ego and put it in the time-out chair now and then. The presence of the Karmic numbers in your chart should be like a little mental note to you that this is something you’d really, really like to deal with this time. Karma, or the eternal cycle of cause and effect, isn’t “bad”. We really like karma when it’s in our favour!! Remember kids:


Karmic 13: Wrapped up in feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem, this number shows up in areas where there is a significant amount of procrastination, laziness, or the need to experience something for oneself regardless of what those around you may say. Those around you tend to be older and wiser, but you’ll still not listen and you’ll give them plenty to roll their eyes about.

Karmic 14: When this number shows up, the area that it relates to is out of whack. There is a need for balance. Too much permissiveness or too much structure can ruin a good party. Seek the middle road.

Karmic 16: You need to pay attention to your intuition in whatever area of your chart this number shows up. Second-guessing yourself only leads to a downfall. You can’t intellectualize everything – sometimes you just have to follow your heart and tell the chatter in your head to STFU.

Karmic 19: This number shows suffering in the affected chart area for the first 20-30 years of life. This generally goes away with the passing of the first Saturn Return at about age 28-29. The suffering can be any form – mental, physical, spiritual – remember that pain is fuel. The point is to prepare you for leadership later in life.

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