Numerology in Business

Like other divinatory systems, numerology can be useful in a professional setting. I have prepared different sorts of reports for business owners in the past. These reports detailed things like:

1. The life path of their business.
2. The challenges their business might face and when.
3. Optimal timings for things like expansion, name changes, and moves.
4. Team building.
5. Identifying challenges with current employees.
6. Personality profiles for potential hires.
7. Conflict resolution.

Numerology can be quite useful in these situations!

But how?

As I’ve said before, all things are energy, including your business. We think of manipulating energy as some supernatural otherworldly thing but the reality is, we do it all the time without realizing it. We’re wizards of a sort even if we don’t carry wands. How many times have you used humour to defuse a situation? Laughter literally makes a room feel better, more lighter, and breaks up the tension. How many times have you done something to escalate a situation? Admit it, you’ve been a miserable bastard and have done or said something specifically to push someone’s buttons. We all have our moments. The point is, you manipulated energy to produce a result.

You can do the same thing with numerology. By analysing the life paths of your employees you can produce dream teams that get things done. Instead of listening to one martyr complain about how she’s stuck doing all the work, you can reorganise the support staff so that people are performing tasks that they enjoy. By looking at employee challenges you can divide the labour in such a way that the workhorses get the “things” that must be done on time and the social butterflies get the intangibles like publicity.

You can stop potential problems before they occur by knowing why you might want someone on your team. You can know in advance how they might shine and how they might frustrate you. Numerology can provide solutions to these frustrations. You can learn to look at people in a whole new light and not just end professional relationships or work agreements.

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