451 – another set of repeating numbers

This is another post about repeating numbers popping up in someone’s life. The person in question is a professional peer and friend who is seeing “451”, whether it’s being displayed on her clock face or turning up elsewhere in life.

4s are about working hard within prescribed limits. For some of us, especially those in creative industries, four can be a boring number. It’s not the most exciting, being all about dependability, stability, and security. 5s are about turning points and challenges that push us to make a choice. 1s are about taking initiative and making some hard decisions. So in essence, my friend (who is a very motivated 8 Life Path that eats, sleeps, and breathes her business) has come to a turning point and she can either continue to play it safe in regards to her work or she can step out of the box and push forward. As an 8 life path she has an affinity with the 4, so taking traditional routes to business development would work. ¬†However, 8 and 1 go really well together, too, because both numbers would throw their neighbors into traffic if it meant succeeding in their plans for world domination. Being familiar with her overall chart, I say go with the 1 energy, knowing that at the very least, either path would work. She’s not the sort of person that would be happy to just be doing fine.

Her response is that this made total sense. She’s been hiding and second guessing herself because of issues with some business rivals.

My thoughts are twofold: Firstly, people only have power over you if you give it to them. Secondly, when we’re in a position to sit back and reflect on the past, our adversaries don’t seem to be that big of a deal most of the time.

When we fulfill our soul agreements with each other, including the ones we have with the stark-raving assholes, they fall away because the work we had to do is now done. Worrying about them keeps them tied to our energy because we unconsciously summon them back again and again, to give them more power.



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