Things the Universe has taught me

In each of us are heroes; speak to them and they will come forth.

  • There is no such a thing as a bad number/rune/card, etc. People are constantly trying to jam things into dichotomies. Good/bad, rich/poor, light/dark and all that other nonsense. Vibrational patterns exist on a spectrum. They are extremely fluid. There is no such thing as a bad number. You can be living the less than shit hot aspects of that vibrational energy, but that doesn’t make it a bad number. It means that you are living below your potential. It’s not the energy’s fault that you’re not vibrating at your best. Numbers are symbols of differing manifestations of universal energy patterns. What we do with that energy is what determines if it is good or bad in our perception. The energy itself is neutral. If you don’t like what you’ve been served, then by all means, feel free not to eat……OR…….learn to like something new and stop resisting change.
  • We need to grow where we are planted. Quite frequently we expect the heavens to open, the skies to fill with sunbeams and birds, and angels to sing down hymns when we embark on The Path. It rarely happens that way. Instead, as I mentioned above, we usually get served a plateload of crap that we don’t feel we ordered. The end result is always your choice. You can choose to react by not eating, and go hungry instead. Nothing will change. You won’t move ahead in life, but you won’t go backwards, either. You can choose to resist change and send the plate back. “Universe, this is not what I wanted… did you get liver and onions out of seafood linguine?” Again, you won’t move forward in life. Finally, you can choose to eat what has been put in front of you, knowing that you will derive some goodness out of it. Liver and onions are two of my least favourite foods, which is why they got used as an example – but there are lots of people out there who love them. They are good for you, even if they taste like a heaping helping of punishment and sadness.┬áIn the first two cases, I can promise you, the Universe will keep sending you dishes of liver and onions until you get the point and take a bite. What point is that? That you need to master what is in front of you before you can put your toys down and move onwards. In the military this is called “embracing the suck”. For 99.9% of us, this is the route that the Universe takes.
  • When we begin to understand the patterns of the Universe at play in our lives, we can see how those patterns interact and manifest within ourselves and the world around us. We can also start to see why our souls would have chosen the lives and experiences that they did. The things that we feel are unpleasant and awful from the point of view of our base, physical existence, are generally viewed by your higher self as necessary for greater happiness and learning.
  • Nothing is an accident. A lot of oracles focus heavily on the positive and this creates a problem for people when their lives begin to manifest the negative aspects of vibrational patterns. If it’s good, we believe it’s meant to be. If it’s bad, we believe we’ve incurred some sort of divine wrath. Not you, not your name, not the time you were born, not the circumstances of your life, not the culture or country you were born into – none of it is an accident. Your friends, parents, enemies, lovers, teachers, bullies, neighbors, muggers, thieves – none of it is an accident. We often have a hard time accepting this because we don’t want to deal with negative things. It is damned difficult to believe that we would set ourselves up for an abusive marriage, for example, or for a short, miserable life as a starving baby. Our soul knows what it needs in each lifetime to learn and grow and we make those agreements with those around us to help us on our path because their role in our lives is also part of important experiences in their life. It doesn’t always means that those agreements are pleasant or nice in any way. Sometimes they downright suck – sometimes your soul mate is there to break your heart and stomp all over it, or to cut you off in traffic so that you end up wrapped around a telephone pole. You don’t have to like these agreements, or agree with them in any way, but these things have happened to you (or will happen to you) and your reaction to them becomes part of who you are.
  • We are never alone on the journey. Whether you want to call them spirit guides, angels, ancestral spirits, shadows, spiritual companions, ascended masters – whatever, call them what you want. They are there. Some of us reach out to them specifically through meditation or projection. Most of us, once we become fully attuned to the reality of physical existence, never know our unseen companions but they are there. We in the West are especially skeptical of this and do not come from a culture that teaches or allows for positive contact with the unseen realms of existence. This awareness can be regained but it takes work to overcome the mental filters that many of us have. It starts by paying attention to the forces at work in our lives, to our dreams, and to those little voices or urges that seem to happen at just the right time. The map of consciousness that you choose can be helpful, provided it isn’t dogmatic or negative in its regard to human interaction with spirit. If it is, then I highly suggest getting a new map.
  • We are not blank slates. When my son was born, one relative suggested that he was mindless, and “like a little animal” in that little animals must be empty. I used to watch him make eye contact with who knows what, while he sat in his little baby carrier, babbling away and making hand gestures. When he was three, he told me that he liked to visit the baby room at day care because he could talk to the babies about heaven, because he was starting to forget and this made him sad. He would look up at me with big blue eyes and smile, showing his little dimples and say “Mommy? Do you remember when I was big and you were little? You would sit on my lap and I would play the spoons for you.” (my grandfather Tom played the spoons for me a couple of times when I was small.) or “Do you remember when we were married? I made you those (pointing to a French pastry we were sharing at a sidewalk cafe in Halifax one summer afternoon) every day and you always said that’s why you married me.” Many esoteric sciences offer a peek into past lives so that we can see the patterns and arrangements that we have had with those in our lives because quite often we have always been there for each other, playing out eternal cycles.

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