Using numerology in daily living

Esoteric systems show us a different way to look at the world around us. Numerology teaches us to look at how the vibrations of numbers play out in our everyday lives. Perhaps you are seeing a certain number everywhere you go.  In 2009, a coworker confided in me that she saw 444 all the time. She awoke at 4:44am every morning without fail, at work she would always look up at the clock right at 4:44pm, her orders were totalling up to $4.44 at the coffee shop – it was both amusing and irritating to her. She knew I “did something” with numbers so she asked, because she really wanted to make it stop. Four is the number of hearth and home. Multiple 4s repeating all the time are the Universe’s way of telling you to slow down and pay attention to issues relating to family and friends. We talked for a bit and I ascertained that her health was good, she wasn’t up to her eyeballs in family drama, and she hadn’t made any sparkly new friends that lit her up like a Christmas tree (multiple 4s can also show themselves when soul mates appear).

Then she told me that she was adopted. She had known this for some time, but recently – just before she started seeing all these 4s – she’d come across some information regarding her birth mother. In fact, she could create the opportunity to meet this woman. She was struggling to process all of this and was agonizing over making that call.


Clearly the soul agreement between my coworker and her birth mother was not yet fulfilled. I urged her to consider that if not the Universe, then her own unconscious mind, was telling her through the constant repetition of the number four to make contact. It was time to fulfill the soul agreement between these two soul mates so that everyone concerned could move on in life. Why else would this information be dropped into her lap unexpectedly?

After a few more days spent fretting, my coworker made the call and reconnected with her birth mother. I have no idea what the outcome of this was, beyond her letting me know that as soon as she did this, the constant display of the number four stopped.

Numbers, planets, stars, runes, colours – these things all spring to life when we begin to pay attention to them. Usually it is more subtle than what I related above but sometimes the Universe is hip to the fact that some people need to be hit over the head before they will pay attention, and it proceeds accordingly. Numbers lay out basic patterns that help us to make sense of our lives. When you have an awareness of them, you can start to use that energy to make positive change in your life. For others this awareness may come through a different set of symbols (some people are more attracted to playing cards or Tarot cards, for example) but the idea is the same.

When I was feeling caged in and frustrated by absolutely everything in my little universe, I started seeing ads in my browser for trips abroad, clients started telling me about places they were going, I would open up magazines and the pages would fall open to articles about living or working in other countries. This is the energy of my 5 Life Path in action, telling me that it is time to get back on the path, that the M-F 9-5 is not for me. Since I don’t believe in sitting around waiting for things to happen (also a 5 Life Path trait) I started creating my own opportunities for travel: a quick road trip to Edmonton, another little one down to Fargo, a longer one down to Omaha and Kansas City. Later this fall I will be traveling to London and when finances allow, I will be returning to Qatar. I am not worrying about the money to afford all this – the money will be there. I know this from experience – when I am on the path, the floodgates open up relative to my needs and it is always taken care of.

Numerology helps us to answer questions about our physical existence (career, finances, home, travel, romance) and questions about our spiritual existence (“Why am I here?”, “Why does this life feel like such a struggle?”) It helps us to put our energy in perspective and to live our lives in the best way possible.


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