Attitude of gratitude

Late last year a Facebook photo circulated about a gratitude jar. The idea was to set aside a Mason jar and every day, write down something positive, date it, and put it in the jar, At the end of the year you open the jar and relive happy moments in your life. A lot of my Facebook friends shared this and liked it, vowing publicly to do it this year.

I wonder how many are still doing it. It’s hard to express gratitude on a regular basis, especially every day. I’ve said it before, I don’t know why it’s so much easier for people to be negative, but it seems that way sometimes. It dawned on me recently that my attitude towards gratitude could use a little cultivating. In the past I used to publicly thank the Universe on Facebook, daily:


  • For clients, old and new.
  • For cups of tea.
  • For people who held the door for me when I was carrying things.
  • For gains at the gym.
  • For being the person who got to rescue my dog.
  • For being a client’s positive experience.
  • For orders that arrived early.
  • For a good bottle of wine on my table.

I was grateful for a lot of things that we don’t think about and that gratefulness was genuine. People really liked reading my gratitude statuses and that made me want to post them even more.

It wasn’t always easy. There were lots of days that I was getting ready for bed and I still had not found one single solitary thing to be grateful about. I’d have to mentally sift through my day for the tiniest scrap of anything. Generally I would find something, even if it was to thank the Universe for a fluffy pillow to lay my head on at the end of a crappy rotten day.

As time wore on, those days became fewer and fewer. By being mindful of even ordinary things in my day and not plowing through things on autopilot, I cultivated the sort of life that did not require an annual escape from the drudgery of reality vacation.

Universe, I have been running on autopilot again. As expected, my life might appear to be full of suck because when I’m not mindful of things, it’s usually the stuff that blows up that catches my attention.

Thank you Universe for the ability and the means to rebuild my website. Thank you for the inspiration to take my knowledge in a different direction and above all, thank you for the people who find me and read me. 

…..and for the clients who bring me cups of DavidsTea. I can’t forget them. 

Don’t wait until Monday.

Don’t wait until January.

Start cultivating your attitude of gratitude NOW.

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