How to start working the Universe

1. Say what you want. Out loud. Even if it feels silly to do so. The more you say it, the more real it will become and the more you will believe it. You don’t receive if you don’t believe.
2. Start working towards it, even if your steps are wincingly small. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.
3. Honour flashes of insight, dreams, hunches, or intuition. The Universe frequently uses these means to help prod you along.
4.¬†If things should¬†start to fall apart, don’t freak out and fight it. You are on The Path!! When the dust settles, you’ll see.
5. Don’t decide how something must play out. Musterbating never helps you get ahead; it only ensures that you limit the assistance you can receive from the Universe because you’ve already closed your mind to opportunities before they could even present themselves.
6. Don’t assume that obstacles are indicative of wrong choices. People mistakenly believe that once they are on The Path, the heavens will pour forth sunlight, angels will sing, and everything will be effortless. I hear people giving up all the time “I guess it isn’t meant to be” or “I guess the Universe said no” or some other such crapulence when an obstacle presents itself. You still have to WORK toward your goal. If the work makes you unhappy then shift your perception – or find another way to surmount the obstacle.
7. Understand that The Path does not move in a straight line. It twists and turns, veers left and right, and sometimes it circles back on itself before moving forward again. This is all normal. Sometimes The Path doesn’t seem like The Path at all – you may be trying to climb the corporate ladder and all you get are shots at the Janitorial department. Ever hear that expression “Grow where you are planted”? Sometimes that is what you have to do. Be the best ditch digger, toilet scrubber, or coffee wench that you can be. You might be afraid that you’ll be kept in that place but that’s not how the Universe works. If you master something, you get to move on. If you don’t master it, you get to stay put.

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