One – Me! Me! Me!

  • Stable
  • Rational
  • Cold
  • Closed

One stands firm. It is independent and walks tall. One energy creates confidence and determination. One brings a sense of self worth. Number One uses expressions like “I can do this myself”, “I’ll do it my way”, or “If I want it done, I’ll be the one to do it.” People with significant ones in their chart are leaders, not followers. They do not hide behind anyone.

One energy does not often grasp that there is a world beyond its nose and that others count, too. Periodically it becomes necessary to remind the One that it is not the Grand Poo Bah, and that others can have a turn at the water slide. Number One can take itself far too seriously and lose its spontaneity and edge.

One is a curious number. It likes to push boundaries, to get out there in the world and experience things; it is an extroverted energy. One loves the hunt and the chase, especially in romance. Intimacy is as issue for One, and as much as Ones can be romantic, it is the pursuit of passion they love the most. The actual daily grind of a relationship can be problematic for them, as can navigating all that messy, icky, emotional energy.

Ones are not known for their patience or flexibility. They can become explosive bastards if things don’t happen as they believe they should. A Number One that clings tenaciously to expectations can turn into an overgrown spoiled brat if those expectations are not met.

One is a closed energy. There is a need for personal space over sharing with others. While it is rational and stable, too much One energy makes us emotionally distant, withdrawn, cold hearted, and angry. A more balanced One is independent, takes initiative, and has a good idea of their self worth.

Someone with no One energy in their chart needs to dig deep to access their confidence and determination. It is a good idea to engage in things that they are good at, to build confidence, before pursuing something new. There is a tendency, when no One energy is present, to give in or back down easily when faced with opposition. A person with no One energy in their chart tends toward being softer and more diplomatic, but now and then they need to put their crown on and raise their voice a little, to ensure that they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

When One’s energy is kept in check, they are:

  • Individualistic
  • Independent
  • Courageous
  • Determined
  • Ambitious
  • Resourceful
  • Driven
  • Good delegator
  • Daring
  • Passionate

When One’s energy runs amok, they are:

  • Verbally abusive
  • Attention seeking
  • Distant
  • Self centred
  • Intolerant
  • Bigoted
  • Jealous
  • Bossy


Hot/Cold, Open/Closed – Ways to look at numbers

Often, when we discuss planets, cards, or numbers, we personify them as a means to better convey their energy. This can be extended to things like temperature or how “open” or “closed” a number may be, among others. It is more common to see the numbers in Numerology expressed as “even numbers are this” or “odd numbers are that”, when they are much more dynamic.


Heat brings warmth into our lives. Someone or something’s warmth is often used to describe positive emotional characteristics. Warm is often synonymous with loving, friendly, and compassionate. An excess of heat would produce passion, volatility, and anger.

Hot numbers are 2, 3, 5, 6, 9.

When someone or something is described as being cold, it is often synonymous with structured, streamlined, direct, or reserved behaviours. An excess of cold would produce rigidness and indifference.

Cold numbers are 1, 4, 7, 8.


Stable energy creates a sense of grounding and purpose. It is a structured and safe energy. Too much stability can create complacency and boredom.

Stable numbers are 1, 4, 7, 8.

Unstable energy creates a sense of unpredictability. It is more difficult to see the patterns within unstable energy, and can make a person feel exposed and out of control. Too much instability brings chaos and scattered energy that competes with itself.

Unstable numbers are 2, 3, 5, 6, 9.


Open energy is receptive. These numbers are generally seen as expressive and social. An over abundance of open energy can be draining and stressful, making it hard to focus on the task at hand.

Open numbers are 3, 5, 6, 9.

Closed energy is cautious. These numbers are more often seen as prudent or structured. Too much closed energy can breed frustration and rebelliousness, or despair.

Closed numbers are 1, 2, 4, 7, 8.

Tomorrow’s Eclipse – September 16, 2016

Everyone under the New Age sun is blogging and talking about the eclipse tomorrow. Most of us in the world won’t see it, but we don’t need to see it to feel it. I haven’t blogged much this year because it’s been a hell of a year and I’m still working on getting through it with my shit intact.

But enough about me….

The full moon is in Pisces, so those of us with this sign prominent in our natal charts will feel the effects of this the most. A lot of astrological websites are talking about the greater, worldwide implications of this particular eclipse energy and they are probably greater experts at it than I, so I won’t spend any time talking about that. Following world events has never been my strong point.

What I want to do is talk about the feels you’ll be feeling a little closer to home. If you are a Pisces sun or Pisces moon, you are no doubt feeling the effects of things this week, never mind tomorrow. As the planets move and the energy builds, the effects of particularly strong astrological events make themselves felt days beforehand. Those of us sensitive to the moon’s energy have been feeling it since Monday, as the moon continues to wax and grow. All the water signs, not just Pisces, will be affected more than they usually are.

But what does that mean?

This particular moon and eclipse force old wounds to the surface for release. Estranged spouses, children that you haven’t spoken to in years, old lovers with whom you have a history resembling a Greek tragedy, army buddies that you went through shit with, coworkers that you had a falling out with – these are the sorts of people or events that you may find yourself revisiting this week. When it happens, feel all the feels, as uncomfortable as they are. Particularly if you are a water sign, resist the urge to layer over this with food, drink, or other substances. Don’t numb yourself with alcohol, don’t go looking for someone to fuck the pain away – squirrel your sad self into a corner and have a good, room shaking cry. It’s the best way to let things go. If there is someone else connected to this, and if it is safe/appropriate to do so, have that good cry with them. Or have the talk that you’ve been meaning to have – or not – it’s up to you. Just don’t ignore things when they happen.

If Mars is prominent in your chart – if you don’t know, that’s fine. Got a huge temper? Love to work out? Don’t feel like there’s balance in the world if you’re not sweating, arguing your point, or in charge of something? That’s your Mars energy. Most of us out there probably don’t know how all of the planets in our chart interact and that’s ok. Mars is square the Sun and Moon during this, making it extremely difficult for some of us to see the other side of things and more likely to let our watery emotions take over. The end result can be arguments, cutting remarks, and plates whizzing through the air.

The yin side of this event (Pisces full moon) wants to let go and forgive, to cry and release it all to the universe. The yang side of things (Mars square) wants to hold his guts out and say, “Look at what you did to me!!!”

Balance is a tricky thing, which is why if you’re feeling the feels of a past relationship this week, think twice before talking to the other parties involved. If what you want to do is put the past behind you and move forward, that’s a great idea. Empty the vessel, pour it into the earth, and let it wash away. If what you want to do, though, is scream and yell, point fingers, and pick another pointless fight, then stand in front of the bathroom mirror and scream “YOU BIIIIIIITCH!!!!” over and over again until you feel better.


Give a little bit of heart and soul

The Heart Number – or Soul Number – refers to our inner selves. It is derived by adding the values of the vowels in the full name and reducing the resulting sum to either a number from 1-9 or a master number. Like the moon sign in astrology, it shows our emotions and passions. Also like the moon sign, it can show more of the true individual than the life path or sun sign. This number also shows our likes and dislikes. It can also point to the types of environments or lifestyles that we may prefer. Some of us are experts at hiding their emotions. Others let theirs hang out for all to see.

This number shows the true motivations or intentions behind our actions. The heart number strongly influences our decision making process. For many of us, our feelings are what propel us forward in life. Pain is fuel and it is in our hearts that we dig deep to find the means to push forward and grow.

In those times that we feel bereft of emotion, we are listless and hollow. We experience the lower vibration of the energies that affect us. We lack drive, we don’t care. We let ourselves go. Life becomes grey and everything is an upward struggle. It is important to remember that energy exists on a spectrum and although we may feel as though we are disconnected from the universe, it is usually the result of drawing on the crappy end of the spectrum because we are never not connected. It is also important to remember that negative energy can be used for positive results. In her book “The Intention Experiment”, author Lynne McTaggart talks about a man in China who used hateful intent to destroy cancer. He filled his heart with nasty and channeled it for the greater good. So if you’re feeling negative, try to think of how you can use your own special brand of nasty in a way that accomplishes something positive.

Please note: these descriptions are not comprehensive and they are solo interpretations. Their meanings will change within a chart because they will be modified by the other numbers also there. 

Heart Number 1

  • Feels as though they are a born leader. On a good day, they are understanding, compassionate packmasters. On a bad day they subscribe to the Henry Ford School of Management.
  • They have high energy and huge ambitions. Don’t get in their way, especially if there’s a bus nearby!!
  • They consider their ideas first and foremost, and don’t take suggestions, opinions, or criticism well.

Heart Number 2

  • Very vulnerable, they have a great sensitivity. They can feel the emotions of everyone around them. Quite often they can get swept up in the mood of the room.
  • They are kind and sympathetic, and always very giving; sometimes to a fault.
  • They have a pathological, clawing need for security and will often stay with the devil they know even if they are miserable. “They will change if only I love them enough.”

Heart Number 3

  • Humorous, charming, and disgustingly optimistic. Not the person to be around if you can’t deal with mornings, no coffee, or both.
  • Their charm and wit, and general Class Clown behaviour masks a great need for acceptance and approval.
  • They are great actors and you may never know just how bad their day really is until their grand ability to compartmentalize their issues fails them and you see them going postal on the 6 o’clock news.

Heart Number 4

  • They are “behind the scenes” people through and through. They thrive in supporting roles and actively avoid the spotlight.
  • They can be terribly shy and prefer to keep their head down, working.
  • These folks tend to be hardworking and reliable, the ones you refer to as “good people”. They also love structure and frameworks – do not put them in a situation where they have to wing it.
  • If you’re a disorganized, aimless boob, look for a BFF with lots of 4 energy and just let them go to town reorganizing your life and cleaning the detritus from your fridge.

Heart Number 5

  • These folks dislike restrictions and authority. This was the child who never shut up and made you want to drink.
  • They like to go their own way and need lots of personal space. You’ll always know where they are – just follow the trail of mess or wait for the 2am phone call. They’re broke. In Majorca. Send money.
  • People with strong 5s in their Core Numbers are the folks who attract a lot of attention. They light up the room and everyone wants to be around them. They exude physical energy – wink, wink.
  • As sexy and attractive as they are, intimacy is a problem for them – they don’t want to know about your childhood issues. Not until middle age, anyway, when they’re done seeing the world and sowing their oats.

Heart Number 6

  • Just like Buddha, these folks are always living in love and compassion, often putting others ahead of themselves.
  • They are artistic, resourceful, lucky, conscientious, involved in their community, and just all around nauseatingly good people.
  • They make the best cupcakes, so be sure to invite them to your backyard BBQs.

Heart Number 7

  • They have an over reaching need to know everything. EVERYTHING. Prepare to sit quietly in the corner putting your eyes out while they calmly dissect and analyze your first argument.
  • These are the folks that love obscurity. If there is anyone who is a raving fan of experimental bands that no one has heard of or cares about – it will be someone with a strong 7 placement in their Core Numbers. Thankfully, they won’t be offended if you tell them that you plan on being dead the day that The Chainsaw Monkeys play in your town.
  • These folks live in their heads, not their hearts. Don’t ask them if your outfit makes you look fat.

Heart Number 8

  • They love control. Like the 4s, 8s need structure and security. They do this by keeping everyone around them on a tight leash. You may kneel.
  • They are trustworthy and dependable. How can you not love a person who runs their home like a military operation?
  • Do not treat your special 8 person to a day at the spa because they will only make their therapist cry. They relax by doing, so consider giving them a crackhouse to renovate while on vacation.

Heart Number 9

  • These are organizers and world leaders that will whip you into shape. 9 energy is pretty impersonal, though, so you might want to go out back and cry about your problems alone.
  • These are restless, intelligent people. If they get bored, they may start taking things apart to “fix” them, or to see how they work.
  • Charismatic but distant, they need something to believe in, to fight for, to work towards. They also need a variety of people and change in their lives. A bored, unfulfilled 9 is a scowling, unconsolable pain in your ass.

Heart Number 11

  • The Sterling Archer of heart energy, folks.
  • They have great inner faith in themselves, but they really need for you to believe in them as well.
  • Patience is not their virtue. As with most master numbers, people who carry these strong vibrations can’t keep up this energy all of the time. They need to bump back down to the reduced energy – in this case, 2. They will need you to knock them down a peg or three from time to time.
  • Once they get on the path to a goal, they are like a dog with a nice, juicy bone. They won’t stop until they achieve it, or they drop dead trying. You gotta love their perseverance.

Heart Number 22

  • They have great potential to achieve many goals, but like other master numbers, they operate on a high frequency. It is important that they learn to allow the energy of the 4 into their life. Without structure and organization, these master architects will burn out.
  • These folks need to put frivolity aside and pursue a practical approach. They can achieve great things because they are brilliant, creative, and driven, but they need to take the highway to get there, and not the road less traveled.
  • They love perfection, absolute balance, and harmony. If you want to really get under their skin, make lima bean happy faces in their zen garden or rearrange the magazines on the coffee table. Sit back and watch.


One big arse retrograde

Five is a number of freedom. It wants no restraints, no rules, and it wants to experience everything right! now! Five is also conflict and chaos. Take a look at the fives in a deck of Tarot cards. They aren’t about white light and happy thoughts. Removing constraints and experiencing the world without filters brings a whole new set of set of problems to the table.

So why am I talking about five today? Well, we have five planets – FIVE – all in retrograde right now. They are:






A retrograde occurs when a planet appears to move backwards in the heavens. All planets go retrograde, some for very long periods of time, others for short bursts. We tend to notice the ones that move in shorter bursts more than we notice the ones that stay retrograde for longer periods. The longer a planet is in retrograde, the more subtle its energy is.

Most people who know anything about astrology or magical living don’t like retrogrades at all. They regard this time as a period of frustration, of bad luck or bad timing, or of strawberries with hair, and who knows what else. These are people who still try to live the same way all the time, without changing their world view to accommodate the effect that this energy is having upon their lives.

The technical term for this is “stubborn”.

So if you know that Mercury is in retrograde, for example, and you know this because your phone got busted, your fax machine suddenly died, important phone calls you were waiting on never came – and you looked all this up on Grandma Google and saw stuff about Mercury retrograde – and yet you still insist on doing things the same way – yes, it will suck for you. However, if you take a proactive approach – for example – spending that $5 for insurance on your online order, cleaning the e-gunk out of your computer on a regular basis, getting repairs done to your car, maintaining the tools of your trade – then it won’t be such a big deal. That doesn’t mean that shit won’t happen, but if you know that shittage with communications, mail, invoices, equipment, and travel is more likely at certain times of the year than others – you can take steps to minimize the potential inflammation in your colon that happens when things don’t go your way.

So what IS happening right now?

Well, Mercury recently went retrograde – oh joy, oh bliss!! It’s the one that we tend to notice the most.

However, Jupiter and Saturn were already retrograde. Jupiter’s retrograde started in early January and ends May 9th. Jupiter rules expansion, abundance, and luck. Saturn rules structure and restriction. These two planets have been having a tug of war that might have seen some of the more sensitive of us turn into neurotic micromanaging musterbators – also known as “assholes”.

The interesting thing about Jupiter is that even when it’s retrograde it is still technically a good energy – as it prompts us to reflect and re-evaluate. Typically those affected by this retrograde the most are those of us who, in the months leading up to the Jupiter retrograde, were dealing with issues around success and happiness. Whatever it was that you were working toward – new romance, new job, new career, a promotion, buying a house – you need this extra few months to really examine your life to make sure that it is in order so that you can receive the abundance that you are working towards creating. This beneficial boost usually feels more like what you felt when your father tanned your ass and told you that you’d understand when you were older.

A Jupiter retrograde also brings personal management issues – also known as that horseshit your friends are getting tired of – to light. So if you’re drinking too much, or using food to soothe your emotions – it will all become glaringly apparent – hopefully to you, too, because believe me – everyone else knows it, they know why, and they love you – but oh god they’d sooner be bent over and drilled with a pitchfork than listen to you go off on a tangent about the same old crap again.

Saturn’s retrograde kicks you square in the feels. It started March 25 and doesn’t go away until early August. Saturn rules not only restrictions and structure, but also karma. During this retrograde, all your romantic and financial issues and misgivings will rear their heads. It’s been especially tough these last several weeks as Saturn and Jupiter overlap. Jupiter whips back the velvet curtain to show us just how tantalizingly close we are to Nirvana and Saturn kicks the chair out from under us while yelling “Psych, bitches!!!” We get some relief after Jupiter goes direct but with Mercury retrograde for most of May, we need to be careful in how we word our Come To Jesus discussions with people, especially romantic partners.

Mars is also retrograde. It just gets funner and funner, eh? This planet goes retrograde from April 17th to June 29th. Mars is your animal drive and ambition. During this retrograde phase, sexual problems may become a sticking point for you or you may struggle internally with taking initiative with things – whether it is bringing the olive branch when you know you’ve fucked up royally or simply finding the will to keep up with your workouts. Mars is your killer spirit, your get up and go, but during this period that energy may just get up and run away, causing you to internalize a lot of conflict that normally wouldn’t get to you, so that it manifests in even more dickheadedness on your part and drives those closest to you behind the sofa where they feel safely protected from your tirades. While Mercury is retrograde there is also the matter of TIMING. You may have the best of intentions in wanting to discuss, say, your lack of interest in naked twister, but maybe you shouldn’t bring it up to your beloved during Auntie Hildegarde’s funeral. Loudly. That’s just not good.

Pluto’s retrograde starts on April 18th and ends on the 26th of September. This is a good retrograde in that it brings to light things about your love life and finances that you need to confront now. It’s good like Buckley’s is good, because anything that forces us to look at things that need healing, while inherently good, also sucks dirt because it makes us look at things we’d rather eat, drink, or smoke away. Those who power through this massive retrograde surge and confront problems head on are likely to find that their romantic relationships are stronger for it, and that the things they want start to happen.

What else is happening during this month? Next week on May 6th, we get a supermoon which is also a new moon, and it is in Taurus. Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo at this time, so between Virgo and Taurus there is plenty of energy to push forward and produce results in anything that you do at that time. This is a time to think big and leave your comfort zone. Go to places you wouldn’t normally go to, be social and smile and shake hands with people you wouldn’t ordinarily consider to be beneficial to you, even though what you really want to do is put on your jammies and drown your sorrows in a cheeseburger and cheap wine. All new moons have six month windows so whatever seeds you plant this week will manifest by the full moon in November, which is also a supermoon and also in Taurus. What does Taurus rule? All your stuffs!! Your things, your money, your favourite toys, your desire to acquire more favourite toys, your sexy time, your desire to move up in the world, and all your other voracious appetites. Rawr.

The full moon on May 21st is in Sagittarius – my rising sign. I love this energy because Sagittarius does what he wants and just like Honey Badger, he don’t give a shit. BUT if there is something you’re stewing about and stewing about for a while, because this moon is also conjunct Mars at this time and Mars is retrograde – making is full to the brim with all sorts of pent up crapulence, the eruption could be epic and you might find yourself standing alone, wondering where everyone else has run off to after the dust settles and your Medusa curls go away. This is also a time, though, that all your hard work towards a specific goal can pay off. In some cases the pay off starts at this time and ends in June, around the 20th, on a second full moon in Sagittarius.

So while these last several weeks have been hammering away at your last nerve, threatening your romantic relationships, feelings of security, finances or some combination of all three – and this hammering will continue for the next few weeks – just remember that pain is fuel. More than anything else, your reaction and adaptation to all this intense energy is the bigger factor in things. So in short, take concrete steps this week towards manifesting a specific goal and instead of becoming a festering cocksocket that takes your shit out on everyone else, go do some jumping jacks instead.



Chai Loving Crazy Lady

This is another “Facebook friend”. I think that if I had the chance, I would want to be neighbours with her. She’s a lot of fun.

Life Path = 3

Expression = 7

Heart = 11

Destiny = 18/9

The first thing that struck me was the sheer amount of 5s, followed by 3s and 1s in your name. You place a high value on freedom and independence. You’re a warm, cheerful, social butterfly that attracts a lot of attention but too much attention from one source might cause you to feel suffocated. Part of your feeling stable in this lifetime is knowing that you can come and go at will. This is not your cookie baking, flower gardening incarnation. This is the stand out and be counted lifetime.

Your life path is a three. If you think of your life as a journey, then your life path is the road you chose to follow in this incarnation. Lots of other people will have your life path, but it will manifest in different ways for each of you. As a 3, being playful and lighthearted are your expressions in life. Words and ideas are important to you because 3 is the life path of the communicator. Your work in this lifetime needs to involve creative self-expression. Find your spiritual centre so that you don’t get mired down in being 100% cerebral. Let your inner child out to play as much as possible. As long as the bills are being paid and you’re bathing on a regular basis, who cares if other people give you the side-eye.

Think of this incarnation as the Oreo Cookie Blizzard of lifetimes. The 3 life path is about uplifting your spirit and those around you. It’s about being a conduit of positive, creative energy. It’s about putting the spark into things. It’s about pantsing someone who desperately gets on your last nerve. If this was the incarnation for you to wear button down suits and worry about the crap building up in the space between the baseboard and the floor, you’d be a 4 life path. <<< 4s make really good wives, by the way.

Your expression is the vehicle that you take on the road. It’s the face that people see. Your 7 expression emphasizes your analytical nature. You love new ideas and you have some off the wall ways of seeing things that not everyone gets. Your spiritual side is emphasized by this energy as well, and you would do well to create a quiet little sanctuary where you can go and happily introvert when living life without filters gets to be a bit much. Your wit is evolved and there are those who just don’t get it and will always see you as rude – that’s fine, because they suck anyway. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fix people that don’t want to be fixed. Surround yourself with people that don’t require Coles Notes to enjoy your time together.

Your heart/soul number is the fuel for your journey through this incarnation. Your soul is an 11, a Master Number. This is the number of the master builder. When you get an idea in your head, you are like a dog with a nice juicy bone. Those close to you might call you incredibly stubborn and perhaps a pain in the ass on the right day. People with master numbers are here to spread their ideas, though. They aren’t here to spend a lot of time promoting other people’s thoughts. Besides, you have too much energy in your name that is devoted to being independent. It’s entirely ok to live your life not giving one single little shit about what other people think.

Pain is often that which sparks our fuel. With this number, as well as the 5s, you need to guard against overeating and indulging in drugs and alcohol. Certain energies are hard to live with all the time and now and then our spirits get burned out and we start seeking an escape. This is where cultivating a spiritual centre comes in handy. Happy thoughts and white light won’t save you from wine and cookies every time, but a little spirituality can help you channel your pain into something useful that benefits the world around you.

Your destiny is the mission. You gassed up the tank, got in the car, and found the road – this is where you’re headed. Some of us know from the day we pop out of the vagina what our destiny is, most of us stumble around and figure it out. Yours started becoming more apparent with age. First you needed to work through a lot of illusory experiences that didn’t make sense. This is the new age way of saying a whole lot of crappy bullshit that can involve anything from traumatic health issues to abuse of all sorts to homelessness to all kinds of other crapulence that leaves a mark. That stuff was preparing you for that time in your life when you were old enough to properly channel all that fabulosity in a way that helps on a big scale.

This is a destiny number associated with activities like campaigning for political issues or fundraising to help build homes for communities that are affected by natural disasters. People governed by this number eventually find themselves getting involved with issues that are very socially charged up, like abortion, violence against women, sustainable housing for the poor, street kids – things that really reek of NIMBY Syndrome – these are the things that 9 destiny folks get charged up about, and try to find ways to fix. When you don’t get involved in these things – and I suspect that there are a few issues out there that really grind your gears – when you try to stay out of this stuff, by telling yourself that you can’t make a difference, that it’s not really your problem, that you can’t get involved because you have kids/are poor/work stupid hours/don’t have time/have tuba lessons on Wednesday – then this destiny energy manifests in other ways in your life and you find yourself in the centre of domestic (friends, family, coworkers) dramatic crapulence that gives you a headache and just won’t die because this energy requires a big outlet for positive expression.

My Sparkly Buddy

I love sparkly new friends that look or feel like they have a light shining out of them. If you feel that way about someone, there is a possibility that they are a soul friend, someone you have an agreement with in this lifetime. I feel this way about this particular individual. We met at messy, transitional times in our lives, and we prop each other up.

Life Path = 29/11

Expression = 30/3

Heart = 15/6

Destiny = 45/9

As a Cancer with an 11 Life Path, you have come back this time to focus on being a spiritual caregiver and guide. Whether you do it in your spare time or as a career, you are interested in all things New Age, including holistic healing, energy work, manifestation, and divination. Focus on dream work and intuitive work for it is in these two areas that you can shine the brightest.

As a Master Number life path, you are hard to miss. Your energy fills the room. If you don’t channel this energy properly you will find yourself at the centre of drama. 11s tend toward unconventional thinking and living – they are here to make us think and to challenge our beliefs about how the world works. This means that your opinions and experiences may make some people uncomfortable, including those close to you.

Your Expression, Soul, and Destiny numbers combine to show someone who sees the world through a very different lens. People may find your views and desires to be eccentric. You’re not here to fit in, so don’t worry about what they think. It’s actually your job to shake things up a little and to show people a new world view.

You’re cheerful and sociable, and you give freely of yourself. If you don’t already, you should find causes that you believe in and volunteer your time when possible. This is a good use of this energy. You love and care deeply for humanity, the environment, and strive to reflect this at home. You are a solid marriage partner and have a lot of love to give everyone around you. Finances permitting, you would shower those closest to you with gifts and create a beautiful home for nesting. You love to make people laugh and enjoy being a bit of a clown. Your Destiny and Life Path both point to a great humanitarian. These are impersonal vibrations that cause you to want to make a grand impact on the world, not just in your neighborhood. In spite of your love for home and family, you really want to get out there and soar. This is a tremendous vibration to carry into this lifetime and if you don’t find some cause or organization to get behind, or a creative talent to develop and share, you will find yourself frustrated with life.


My Business Mentor

This woman taught me how not to flail my way through life. Her reading is longer than the others. I went a bit beyond the mini chart because 1. I felt like it and 2. I know she’s doing a product launch and this next personal year is important for her.

Life Path = 35/8

Expression = 15/6

Heart = 17/8

Destiny = 42/6

Cornerstone = L/3

Professional Challenges = 1/4

You know, I am absolutely amazed at the amount of 8s and 11s that I have chosen to surround myself with in this lifetime. I pity you all!!!

You came back this time around to learn about the acquisition of wealth and the right use of power. Your 8 is modified by its sub numbers 3 & 5, so partnerships will always be important to you – you’re the 8 that wants to bring people with you. Social networking and travel, as well as experiencing many of your lessons in a very physical way are going to be important for you. This is an active, hands on life that you have chosen.

Your Expression is similar to the rising signs of astrology. If people had to guess which life path you were, and they knew anything about numbers, they would be most likely to pick this one because this is the energy that you send out to the world. Your 6 Expression allows you to channel charisma and you have a way with written and spoken words. People sit up when you speak and when you speak your truth, you attract people to you. People see you as naturally friendly and easygoing. They know that you like to look for ways to make things easier or better for those around you. Combined with your life path, this expression teaches what I like to call “conscientious materialism”. You aren’t afraid of abundance and you promote the positive aspects of having wealth.

Your Heart is similar to the moon signs of astrology. This is what’s going on inside you. Your heart reinforces your life path, which is nice to see. Often peoples’ hearts contradict their life paths, and the fact that yours does not tells me that you’re here to do some great work NOW – you don’t have time to diddle around waiting to “wake up” to your purpose. An 8 soul relaxes by doing. Organization brings you peace and you like to be in charge. It’s not difficult for you to take the reins of anything, it might be more difficult for you to sit back and let someone else do it. Your professional work isn’t just a job, or even a great career, it’s a divine calling, hence, the drive to do everything that you do – something you probably felt pushing you from a very young age. Your happiness with life, even when it looks pretty sucky is not going to be understood by a lot of people, but whatever, your garden of fucks is empty where public approval is concerned.

Your Destiny is a 6 like your expression. 42 is a special number to occultists. It’s an incredibly powerful vibration that attracts abundance in many forms: love, money, fame, psychic ability, but also addictions, drama, and abuse. It is entirely possible to have a fabulous number like this in a prominent spot for the specific purpose of learning some incredibly crappy life lessons. Your magnetism as you move forward to complete your mission in this life will attract many different people to you, some of them incredibly unbalanced and toxic. You needed this, though, in your drive to work your ass off and channel some Jupiterian energy to not just make the world a better place, but to show everyone else how to duplicate your success in ten steps or less. Early on in your career you probably watched others give away their power and you made sure to hang on to yours. You shine when you’re at the helm of your own ship. You could easily take the more labour oriented road and veer off quite successfully into home building, design, or flipping, but you truly live your numbers when teach people to take charge of their well-being.

Now because I like you so much and because I see what you’re up to in your professional life, I did a little bit extra:

Your cornerstone is L/3 – this is what roots you and keeps you grounded. This is another vibration that supports and emphasizes abundance, sharing, joy, and networking. Your place is right in the middle of the pot, stirring it up.

Your professional challenges concern issues with structure and how things are. You don’t like rules for the sake of rules and you question “How it is” because quite often how it is, is really how it was, and not many people stop to actually consider why they do things a certain way. They just do them because “that’s how it is”. You meet these frustrations with a healthy dose of 1 energy – assertiveness, bravery, wit, and independence. You aren’t afraid to rock the boat or sink it and build a new one, even if it pisses everyone off. They’ll come around eventually.

Your next birthday will see you moving into a 1 personal year. Currently you are in a 9 year. This year marks the end of a cycle for you. Loose ends get tied up, beliefs change, some relationships go away, but it’s all meant to happen. This is your fulfillment year, and it has probably been busy as you get ready for new things. Right about now, as you head into the last third of your personal year, the energy will start to shift as the new number vibration becomes more dominant. In your case it is a 1 year, with a karmic twist, because it is a 19/1 year. This is an important year for you, and the things that you begin in this year are meant to help you move forward. Get out of your own way this coming year and allow growth to happen, even if it means letting go of something. This year shine a light on your own shadows and own them, because they may get thrown out there for you, such is the energy of the 19/10/1 year – it can be a little dramatic. It is helpful to get involved in worthy causes or anywhere that you can be a role model. This is the year to launch something big and rewrite your story.

Design Leader

Every now and then as a reader, my path crosses with someone that I look up to. This woman is a well known designer in the crafting world. Thanks to her work and teaching, I am now known for my creative work in Tunisian Entrelac. While I’m certain that I would have gotten there eventually, anyway, her books made my life so much easier that I continue to give them as gifts and use them as teaching tools. It was such a pleasure to do this chart!!

Life Path = 10/1

Expression = 10/1

Heart = 21/3

Destiny = 40/4

You came back this time to help others find their power. This is not the lifetime to exist in the background. You are here to mentor others and teach what you know, whatever that may be. You can take the attention that you get and use it as fuel for causes or ideas that support your beliefs. This is the leader’s life path, but also a very physical one – you have some energy to channel, so if you are able, consider getting involved in something athletic. Leos love beauty and as a designer/artist you create beautiful things and guide people in your field. You are recognized as a leader in this medium.

Your Expression is the image you present to the world, similar to a rising sign in astrology. People see you as driven and a tower of strength in a crisis. You’re able to conduct yourself royally even under tremendous circumstances. You are viewed as CEO material, not the employee. People probably turn to you for advice even on subjects you may know little about, simply because they see you as someone who knows.

You have an artist’s and dreamer’s soul. Those with this 3 placement want to provoke and inspire with art and creativity. Whether it is on a stage, in a fashion show, or signing books at the author’s table – the 3 Soul secretly desires to let their inner artist out. The word of this particular 3 is sometimes seen as magical – say it and they will come – you can network and market as well as create, making you the artist that gets to eat, too.

Your Destiny is 40/4. Ordinarily I just go with the single digit number but this 40 gives a special undercurrent. This number shows how you fulfill your purpose in life – what you must do to fulfill your destiny. With the 40, your ability to see things in ways that other people can’t, in ways that don’t often make sense to them, will set you apart. Your ability to communicate those things lies in your 1 and 3 energies. A 4 Destiny carries practical energy – you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and work alongside the minions. With the 40 underlying the 4, being practical and organized is taken to new heights with a strong eye for design and flair for presentation. You have a highly developed imagination and are a creative planner. Some might even say a master planner. On a bad day you might be an over planner, also known as nit-picky, but any tendency to over plan or over think doesn’t come from an anxious place, it’s simply your desire to ensure that your ideas are understood.

One of the great things about this 4 placement is that even during crunch time – even if you’re Kermit-flailing on the inside – your crazy rarely comes untucked. You always look like you have your stuff together.

A Glittery Artist

I work with this man and I hold his talent in high esteem. As I was sending him his reading, he was putting the finishing touches on a piece of art that he was busy creating in his home. I did not realize until he confirmed my reading for me that he was an artist away from the salon. He is such an interesting person to know!!

Life Path = 30/3

Expression = 9

Heart = 12/3

Destiny = 21/3

You’re here to entertain and enlighten through the arts – music, dance, singing, photography, acting, modeling – the stage is your home. As a Pisces you always have a foot in both worlds, as a 3 Life Path born on an 11 day, you’re here to make us think about things that might make us uncomfortable, like gender and conformity.

Use your art as a tool to provoke and create conversation. Your 9 Expression combined with all the threes in your core chart keeps you at a bit of a distance from most people. You see things in a larger picture than most and your world view is a little off centre. That’s totally OK.

Don’t force intimacy or closeness to please others. It’s alright to want to keep things light and airy amongst friends and loved ones. You’re not the tower in a crisis. This doesn’t mean that you lack strength or character – you have both. What it means is that you’re not here this time around to be the buddy that cleans the barf out of the back seat of his car.  This isn’t the hand-holding incarnation for you. You’re actually the catalyst that provokes people to look at the world through a new set of eyes, which means that their interaction with you could be highly charged.

Ordinarily someone with this many 3s is lively and joyful, but lonely in a crowd. This is not so with you. Balanced by a strong 9, you can maintain a bit of distance, keeping your heart tucked away. It’s not that you can’t give it, but that you have to be reached through your intellect. That’s if you’re even interested – there are bigger pursuits in life. In the second half of your life you may find yourself seeking spiritually and traveling to obscure places to take in their energies. You aren’t looking for cardigans and white picket fences this time around. This also isn’t the incarnation for sticky, messy emotional dealings – this is the life where you get to smell the flowers, drink the drink, and have fun. Finally, if you aren’t doing these things – if you aren’t busy making something avante garde that makes people think – if you’re seeking what you’ve been told to seek – then you’ll find the world to be a frustrating place. You came back to enjoy an eclectic, busy life surrounded by unusual people. If you don’t have that, then get busy creating it.